Warframe: Veilbreaker Hotfix 32.0.1 Implements Changes to Archon Hunt

Hotfix 32.0.1
Hotfix 32.0.1 Twitter/@PlayWarframe

The very first hotfix for Warframe: Veilbreaker was launched not long ago. This patch implemented some changes and bug fixes to the Archon Hunt.

Archon Hunts are multi-stage missions that culminate in a battle against archons. These hunts were introduced in the newly released Warframe: Veilbreaker, where players will see themselves fighting against three archons, namely Archon Boreal, Archon Amar, and Archon Nira.

That said, some changes have been made to Archon Hunts in Hotfix 32.0.1. First, a decay on scaling has been added to Archon Boreal’s invulnerability. Second, there’s now Overguard protection on Boreal’s AoE attacks. According to developer Digital Extremes, these changes are to address the issue where archons sometimes take huge amounts of damage.

For bug fixes, the script error related to host migration occurring in the second mission of the Archon Hunt is resolved. Furthermore, the issue where attackable Narmer Deacons in the Ballas boss fight were immune to status effects is fixed.

Hotfix 32.0.1 also implemented a general change where PCs that don’t meet the new minimum spec requirements will have a warning message pop up on the game’s launcher. Players who are using modern processors need not worry about anything.

Here are the other changes in this update:

  • Fixed Mobile Defense target and other friendly NPCs getting scaled stats per squad member. This only applies to enemies (Archons, Deacons, Sentients, etc.).
  • Fixed non-Archon Assassination targets transmissions and information showing when hovering over Archon nodes.
  • Fixed script error with Archon Assassination mission.
  • Fixed script error when trying to spawn backup for the Archon/Deacons when they had already died.
  • Added a handful of sound FX to Kahl’s weapon pickup sequence, jetpack, and more.
  • Added fancy VFX when freeing a Brother.
  • Fixed unintended sentient choir sounds playing.
  • Fixed an additional Bolkor Grattler appearing when the original held by Kahl runs out of ammo.
  • Fixed Medusa Network node spawning in before the puzzle has been activated.
  • Fixed characters in the quest standing far far away from the wall where they are supposed to be planting a bomb.
  • Fixed issue where Spear Gun could be hidden if reload from throw is interrupted.
  • Fixed being unable to purchase Rivens from Cephalon Simaris or Palladino if you are at max Riven Slot capacity.
    • Purchasing from these vendors will give the new Riven state that does not consume a Slot until it has been equipped so the capacity check was not necessary.
  • Fixed Warframe standing still and rooted in place on screen during Last Gasp after being downed.
  • Fixed the Incubator console disappearing if viewed at a bad angle in the Orbiter.
  • Fixed a portion of Styanax’s shield appearing stretched in his Leverian.
  • More fixes towards being able to ghost through the death limbo state after dying as Operator.

Warframe: Veilbreaker Hotfix 32.0.1 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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