Warframe Hotfix 29.2.2 Patch Notes: Improved Optimization, Enhanced Graphics Engine, Bug Fixes, And More

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Warframe continuous to improve even after seven long years. Warframe received another update that readies up the game for next-gen. You can learn more about that over here. The hotfix 29.2.2 update was released yesterday and it improves Warframe's optimization. Several aspects of the graphics engine have been worked on to improve performance. The complete changelog is mentioned below and on the official site.

Warframe Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.2 Patch Notes


  • Made numerous micro-optimizations to scene rendering.
  • Optimized Local Reflections.
  • Optimized Foliage Rendering in the Enhanced Graphics Engine.
  • Optimized Visibility Culling speed and memory footprint slightly.
  • Optimized initial install size slightly.
  • Made systemic micro-optimizations to the animation system.
  • Made a micro-optimization to the Foot IK system.
  • Made a micro-optimization to HUD rendering.
  • Minor quality improvements for hair rendering.


  • Added game settings for tweaking deadzone values and other input behaviour for controller analog sticks. Each analog stick now has three settings as outlined on https://www.warframe.com/gamepad. This should improve the accuracy for movement controls in particular, which previously used a square deadzone, resulting in inconsistent mapping for diagonal inputs.
  • Removed ability to open the Helminth screen by fast-traveling using Operator mode, this led to issues with your Warframe becoming invisible.
  • Updated Ivara's Quiver, Vauban's Minelayer, Xaku's The Lost, and Titania's Tribute ability descriptions to list the sub-abilities and a brief general description of what they do. Tips related to these sub-abilities for each Warframe have also been edited for accuracy as a result.
  • Updated Zephyr’s Airburst ability description to include the tap-and-hold mechanic.

Helminth Fixes:

  • Fixed enemies becoming permanently ragdolled after casting Nezha’s Divine Spears into a Larva via Helminth Subsumed ability.
  • Fixed Helminth Infused ability functionality issues when casting Wisp’s Sol Gate.
  • Fixed missing UI indication on Quiver Cloak Arrow's duration remaining via Helminth Subsumed.
  • Fixed Nidus’ abilities HUD having greyed out icons for Helminth Infused abilities.


  • Fixed the Warframe launcher breaking uninstall when using standalone-installer.
  • Fixed inability to Swap a Polarization.
    • This was Hotdropped live last week!
  • More fixes towards a crash that could occur in a Survival mission when choosing to return to the Orbiter.
  • Fixed Isolation Vault Bounty Bait and objective markers remaining after the Bounty is abandoned.
  • Fixed cases of the Upgrade screen showing negative stats after applying Forma to a weapon.
    • We found this isn't super useful and forces you to exit the Upgrades screen if you want it to show the actual effects of the Mods installed afterwards.
  • Fixed Profile ‘Kills’ and ‘Time Played’ Stats being influenced by the Simulacrum.
    • Simulacrum is a testing ground!
  • Fixed left trigger no longer opening Chat with controller after you save controller bindings once. As reported here!
  • Fixed the Infested Salvage End of Mission Reward screen UI stating 50 Endo instead of 300 Endo.
    • This is a visual issue only, the correct amount of Endo was awarded.
  • Fixed missing Blueprint locations for the Zymos and Keratinos when viewing in the Market.
  • Fixed the Daedalus Leg Armour appearing small when equipped on the Hydroid Rakkam Skin.
  • Fixed sometimes facing the wrong direction when loading into the Simulacrum Arsenal.
  • Fixed cases of Simaris appearing white instead of orange when entering Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed Quatz reload and Plinx charge reload audio issues when a Skin is equipped.
  • Fixed Oscira Sugatra offset on numerous Melee weapons.
  • Fixed collision issues with the Oscira Thrown Blade Skin when exiting the Simulacrum Arsenal.
  • Fixed Gauss Graxx Helmet flames always being orange instead of reacting to the chosen Energy Color as the rest of the Redline ability does.
  • Fixes towards cloth collision on the Mirage Kitsune Helmet.
  • Fixed Dendrite Gunblade Skin using the wrong Sugatra attachment point.
  • Fixed missing doorframe in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed a script error when reaching a new Mastery Rank.
  • Fixed a script error when a Kubrow Pet uses Stalk.
  • Fixed a script error when a Vasca Kavat uses Draining Bite.
  • Fixed a script error when a Kavat uses Cat’s Eye.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Titania’s Tribute ability.
  • Fixed rare script error when casting Wukong’s Primal Fury ability.
  • Fixed a script error when deactivating Mesa’s Ballistic Battery ability.
  • Fixed a script error when Corpus Rangers attempted to Melee smash you from the air.
  • Fixed script error when picking up Vomvalyst energy buffs while on a K-Drive then dismounting, or mounting K-Drive while you have the buff.
  • Fixed a script error when being attacked by the Profit-Taker.
  • Fixed a script error when offering an Eidolon Shard during a Teralyst Hunt Bounty.
  • Fixed script error that could occur during a Jordas Transmission.
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