Warframe: Hotfix 31.5.10 Implements Huge Change to Orokin Drone Eximus Units

Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime Packs
Zephyr Prime and Chroma Prime Packs Digital Extremes

Hotfix 31.5.10 for Warframe is now available on all platforms. This particular update implements a huge change to Orokin Drone Eximus units.

The Orokin Drone Eximus units in Warframe are stronger versions of the Orokin Drone. They not only provide shields to nearby Corrupted allies, but they also come with added abilities depending on the type that spawns on the battlefield.

That said, the developers made a significant change wherein the Orokin Drone Eximus units now only spawn as either Energy Leech or Health Leech variants. This was done to add proper Eximus ability functionality to the drones.

Hotfix 31.5.10 also comes with extra adjustments. For one, markers have been added to Arcane drops, giving you an idea of where they are located while you’re on a mission. Additionally, you will now auto-load into a relay if there’s only one instance available.

Patch Notes

  • Fixes towards a cache crash that could occur when aborting an update
    • Made micro-optimizations to engine startup and level loading
    • Improved shutdown speed when interrupting content updates or quitting the game while loading a level
  • Fixed purchasing an Appearance Config Slot for the Phenmor prompting a confirmation for purchasing an Exilus Weapon Adapter for 20 Platinum instead of the 10 Platinum Appearance Config Slot as intended
    • To recap, players who purchased the Slot were being prompted for an Exilus Weapon Adapter, and then charged for it when the player confirmed. The Adapter was then consumed to unlock the Appearance Config Slot
    • For those who were affected up until this hotfix, upon login, you will be given an Exilus Weapon Adapter for every slot purchased for the Phenmor. Purchased Appearance Config Slots will remain unaffected, you keep what you purchased
    • Due to some tech constraints, we weren’t able to run a script that would refund the Platinum difference while also distributing the consumed Adapter. If you would rather the 10 Platinum instead of the Adapters you may contact support.warframe.com with the subject line “Appearance Config Slot Inquiry for the Phenmor” or you can keep the “discounted” Exilus Weapon Adapter(s) (10 Platinum vs. 20)
  • Fixed all Sentinels missing their animations
  • Fixed Syndicate Sigils not remaining equipped
  • Fixed several issues with abilities when forced into Operator (in Zariman Cascade missions for example):
    • Fixed Banshee’s Sound Quake and Caliban’s Razor Gyre not working correctly
    • Fixed camera shake issues with Banshee’s Sound Quake
    • Fixed being unable to deactivate Chroma’s Guided Effigy Augment
    • Fixed Garuda’s Seeking Talons HUD showing up when in Operator if cast while entering an anti-Warframe area
    • Fixed Garuda’s Bloodletting not granting Energy

The full changelog of Warframe Hotfix 31.5.10 can be found on the official website.

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