Warframe: Steel Path Added to Zariman Navigation in Hotfix 31.5.9

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Have you completed all of the new content in the Angels of the Zariman expansion for Warframe? If so, you’ll have a chance to complete them all again. Although this time, things will get much harder. That’s because Hotfix 31.5.9 adds the Steel Path to the Zariman navigation.

The Steel Path is an option you can toggle that changes the origin system (the default) into a much more difficult star chart. In this case, the Steel Path allows you to complete the Zariman content again with enemies having the following buffs:

  • Enemy Level + 100
  • Enemy Health +250%
  • Enemy Shield +250%
  • Enemy Armor +250%

So, what can you get from facing buffed enemies? Enabling the Steel Path gives a plus 100% chance for resources and mods to drop.

Keep in mind that the Steel Path is only unlocked after having completed all nodes (so all content from the Angels of the Zariman expansion), then talking to Teshin afterward.

It is also worth noting that if you play with others, the Steel Path toggle is determined by the host. If the host has it turned on, it will also apply to everyone in the squad.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed a rare case of being unable to progress in Void Flood missions after killing a Thrax enemy with Void Sling, causing the Thrax to go into an invincible state
  • Fixed Zariman Exterminate mission sometimes spawning all the enemies while players are at the beginning of the level. Players now need to progress through the level as normal
  • More fixes towards a crash when the Client returns to the Chrysalith when awakening/spawning a Void Manifestation
  • Fixed script error related to Void Ruptures in Void Flood missions
  • Fixed broken enemy behavior when Thrax enemies are disarmed by abilities, which also led them to run around with just a Sheev (fear the butter knife)
  • They will now take damage (and be knocked down if Overguard is depleted) when disarmed
  • Added new custom sound FX to activating Focus Schools in the Focus UI
  • Added a custom TennoGen watermark to the background when viewing TennoGen items in the in-game Market
  • Fixed Guardian Shell intercepting some player attacks, instead of solely intercepting enemy attacks as intended
    • For example, using weapons like Ferrox or Mausolon was impacting the shield and causing detonation visuals and sometimes staggering or knocking you down

The full patch notes for Hotfix 31.5.9 can be found on Warframe’s official website.

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