Warframe to Release Angels of the Zariman Expansion on April 27

A new chapter coming soon.
A new chapter coming soon. Digital Extremes

The new expansion for Warframe is set to be released on April 27 on all platforms. Titled Angels of the Zariman, it's the sequel to The New War expansion. The latest introduces a new chapter in the Cinematic Quest Saga which offers more than 30 hours of single-player and narrative-driven cinematic gameplay.

This upcoming expansion is available to players who managed to finish The New War. Players can expect to learn more about some of the biggest mysteries, including those surrounding the origin of the Tenno. In addition to the new quest, there's a lot of new content and features to enjoy.

New Mission Types

Once the new expansion goes live, players can expect to take on three new mission types:

  • Void Flood
    • This is a parkour-focused mission where players need to collect Vitoplast to gain Void Energy used to seal Ruptures that appear.
    • The longer these Ruptures are left open, the more debuffs players open themselves to.
    • Players can grab these Vitoplast from fallen enemies or in clusters that spawn mid-air for parkour-inclined players.
    • Sealing three Ruptures completes the wave and spawns a mini-boss to defeat.
    • After that, the cycle continues in true endless-feeling mission fashion.
  • Void Cascade
    • This is a survival mission that starts with player life support already in decay due to the presence of possessed Thrax Centurion enemies.
    • For this mission type, players need to chase and cleanse these Corrupted Exolizers fast, avoiding low levels of life sustain.
    • Zariman Wraiths arrive and periodically possess Exolizers.
    • Players need to eliminate the Wraiths first, or the Thrax Centurions are going to release Void energy that accelerates the life support decay.
    • Players then need to cleanse the Exolizers with their Operator Abilities and turn it back to their side again.
  • Void Armageddon
    • Information to be announced at a later time.

A Unique Home

The new expansion is set to introduce new and customizable apartments aboard the Zariman Ten Zero. These are called Dormizones and allow players to create a home aboard the ship to decorate as they wish.

There are different decorations available, including plants and furniture. Players should be happy to know that here they can create a one-of-a-kind home to take a break from the action. Players who raise their standing in the Chrysalith enough can even unlock new rooms where they can customize the view from their window.

Learn more about what’s arriving with the new expansion here.

Warframe is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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