War of the Vision Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Celebrates the Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Celebrate the Lunar New Year. Square Enix

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players are invited to join a new campaign. The New Year’s Campaign runs until February 7 and lets players perform a daily free 10x summon which guarantees one MR+ unit or Vision card, for up to 10 times for a maximum of 100 total summons.

There is also the Lunar New Year 2023 Festival – Resnick the Hoppy, also ending February 7. In this one, players can attempt to summon the brand-new unit Resnick the Hoppy. This unit is also available through a 9-Step 10x Summon, where steps three and six can be performed for free.

Players can also receive 100 Lunar New Year 2023 Festival Unit Summon Medals on each step. These can be exchanged for various items in the medal shop.

Addison Rae Collaboration

Back in November 2022, a collaboration with Addison Rae was launched in the game. To commemorate that collaboration, all players get a limited-time Addison Rae Vision Card for free by just logging in to the game.

As a part of the ongoing collaboration, players can now enjoy these:

  • New Addison Rae Vision Card
    • All players can get the brand-new Addison Rae Vision Card “Glamorous Camaraderie” simply by logging in.
    • This is available until the collaboration ends.
  • Addison Rae Meets WOTV FFBE Part II Login Medal
    • Players can log in daily to receive medals which can be exchanged for various items in the medal shop.
    • This is available until June 20.
  • Addison Rae Meets WOTV FFBE Part II Challenge Mission
    • Players who complete this challenge can get up to 275 “Glamorous Camaraderie” Vision Card Shards.
    • This allows them to upgrade and enhance this Vision Card.

Dragon Quest Tact

The Addison Rae collab isn't the only one happening in the game. There's another with Dragon Quest Tact until February 28. Here’s what can enjoy from this collab:

  • New Units and Summons
    • Players have a chance to summon two event-limited units:
      • Psaro (UR) (Limited)
      • Zoma (UR) (Limited)
  • Dragon Quest Tact Collaboration Event Quest
    • All players can obtain the event-limited unit Slime (N) (Limited) for free by completing event quest #1 during the collaboration period.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on Android and iOS.

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