The Walking Dead: Last Mile Launches Four-Month Long Event

A new kind of event.
A new kind of event. Skybound Entertainment

Good news for fans of The Walking Dead: Last Mile. There’s going to be a four-month event that starts a new story. Fans get to observe, explore, and even have an impact in a virtual world set in the universe of The Walking Dead.

The first episode of the story started yesterday through the interactive livestream of Yvette Nicole Brown. She was joined by Felicia Day in setting up the story and explaining how fans can have an impact on the journey of the survivors; this was aired through Facebook Watch.

For four months, Brown and Day are going to host regular livestreams highlighting the big moments that move the narrative of The Walking Dead: Last Mile forward. The two will discuss the story and they will be joined by special guests. They’ll also be showing the key decisions made by the audience in the Instant Game.

Day will stream herself playing The Walking Dead: Last Mile Instant Game with the rest of the community at special times. Day's streams are also going to feature instant viewer polls, among many others.

Instant Game

The Walking Dead: Last Mile Instant Game is available free through Facebook Gaming. It started in open beta yesterday and offers an experience designed to be shared by its many fans. The story was set up with the prologue, which also allowed fans to share feedback.

After that, a two-week hiatus to let the development focus on feature expansion and general gameplay polish. The story then moves into high gear with the three four-week “Acts,” airing consecutively across mid-November. This should lead to one of the most epic storylines in The Walking Dead universe.

The Instant Game provides continuous access to the world of The Walking Dead: Last Mile and its inhabitants. Viewers can create their very own survivors and even earn Influence Points by joining activities or playing mini-games. These points can then be used to bid on decisions that can impact the story as they happen.

In a statement, Chairman of Skybound Entertainment, as well as creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman shared that The Walking Dead: Last Mile is an exciting expansion for The Walking Dead. Fans of the series know that characters are often asked to make difficult choices that have serious consequences. Kirkman revealed that for the first time, fans of The Walking Dead: Last Mile can now make choices together as a community. He went on to say that the results are not only going to change the fate of the characters but also their future in the franchise.

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