The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Drops First Trailer for New Chapter

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Learn more about this game. Skydance Interactive

Since it was revealed in January of this year, fans have been excited to learn more about what The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution can offer. We finally get a quick look at what horrors await us with the release of the first trailer. For those only hearing about this survival horror VR game, it continues the story of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

You can watch the trailer below:

In Chapter 2: Retribution, players feel the full ripple effect of their actions in the original game. For example, new parties will be rising up to either help players or hunt them. While this new chapter features an original storyline, the freedom of choice and visceral combat that the franchise is known for is still present.

Players are again placed in the role of a character known as the Tourist. They need to fight to survive the flooded ruins of New Orleans, which have been surrounded by unending herds of walkers. This region has also been torn apart by the fighting between the remaining survivors.

Here are some of the features that players can enjoy:

  • Scavenging
    • They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Those who have a keen eye have many treasures to go around, from weapons to food. There are also items like bottles, toys, and egg timers, which can be used with a little creativity.
  • Crafting
    • Those who do not have must make. Anything that players can fit in their backpack can be broken down to its base components and then built into greater tools later. Gather recipes to make weapons, ammo, and other supplies for the long journey ahead.
  • Embrace Freedom
    • Players have the option to do what they think works, and it's up to them to decide how to make it through each day.
    • Players can fight the walkers and bandits. Taking what they want is always an option, but it is also the most lethal one.
    • There’s the option to use stealth tactics to get the drop on your enemies, or even hide among the dead by disguising as them.

Learn more about Chapter 2: Retribution here. Before the new chapter is released, those who haven't played the original game can get it here and see if they have what it takes to survive in The Walking Dead universe.

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