Brawlhalla Brings New Items in Mallhala with Latest Update

A lot of new items to enjoy.
A lot of new items to enjoy. Blue Mammoth

The latest update to arrive on Brawlhalla is offering things a little differently. Patch 5.09 introduces a lot of new cosmetic items to Malhalla, the in-game store. There are also some map adjustments and a new Brawl of the Week.

For the past two weeks, the Brawl of the Week has been all about the Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles. But a new one is present this week and it is KO Mania. This 1v1 battle has players fight with five Stocks and 300% damage. The first to get five KOs wins.

Here are the new cosmetic items that everyone can enjoy:

  • Skin
    • Fiendish Knight Roland
  • ​Emote
    • Avatar Cape Emote
    • Peace Signs Emote
  • Sidekick
    • Twilly
  • ​Avatars
    • New Country Flags
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Costa Rica
      • Peru
      • Puerto Rico
      • Vietnam
      • Armenia

Map Adjustments

Not all maps had undergone adjustments. Those that did though are sure to give players a new experience. These are:

  • Demon Island
    • The colors on the trees have been adjusted to make sure that darker Color Schemes won’t blend into the environment.
  • Small Brawlhaven
    • The item spawns have been adjusted and are now closer to the ground.
    • The two outermost item spawn zones are removed.
  • Small Turtles’ Lair
    • The Map blast zones were updated to increase the KO distance of both left and right by 26%.
    • Adjustments made to the item spawns and are now above the camera bounds.
    • Those should mimic the feeling of items being dropped in the sewers.
  • Crystal Temple
    • Level music updated for all Crystal Temple Maps.

Game Improvements

As an update, expect many game improvements implemented. For example, players no longer get a message telling them it’s safe to quit a game when they have queued up into a team game with a remote player. The only exception is if it’s a Crew Battle.

There’s a new option added to the “Player Names” setting in the System Settings. Called “HUD + Your team,” it functions the same as the “HUD + Only you” setting. The only difference is it now shows the arrow and abbreviated name above players that are teammates with a local player.

Other improvements are:

  • User Interface
    • Updated the Map listing to be wider for all non-mobile builds.
  • Animation
    • Performance improvements for Thor and Undertaker.
  • Localization
    • Updated Korean translation for “Thrown Weapon KO” per player feedback.

Read the complete patch notes here.

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