The Ninja Turtles Bring Turtle Power in Brawlhalla

Heroes in a half shell.
Heroes in a half shell. Blue Mammoth Games

The newest crossover of Brawlhalla sees the arrival of not one but four new Legends. Prepare to do some beat down with turtle power with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In addition to the four, there’s also a new Brawl of the Week.

Here’s what players can expect from these heroic turtles:

  • Leonardo Epic Crossover
    • The team’s leader comes with Casey Jones and Master Splinter by his side and is not afraid to teach enemies a lesson with his Twin Katanas.
    • Mirrors the abilities of Jiro.
  • Raphael Epic Crossover
    • The turtle with the attitude brings to the fight his iconic Twin Sai as well as explosive shurikens, and even a skateboard.
    • Mirrors the abilities of Ragnir.
  • Donatello Crossover
    • Considered as the brainiac of the team, he uses his trusty Bo Staff, holograms, and scythe.
    • Mirrors the abilities of Mirage.
  • Michelangelo Crossover
    • He’s more than ready to kick shells using his Nunchaku and eat pizza while doing it.
    • Mirrors the abilities of Val.

Other features in this new crossover are:

  • KO Effect
    • Enter The Shredder
  • ​Podium
    • Turtle Power
  • Emote
    • Share a Slice
  • ​Avatars
    • Krang
    • The Technodrome
    • The Foot
    • Turtle Power

New Map

During this Crossover Event, Brawlhalla is featuring a TMNT-themed 1v1 map known as Small Turtles’ Lair. It’s going to share the same geometry as that of Small Brawlhaven.

To celebrate the arrival of the turtles, the Ranked queue will have Small Turtles’ Lair instead of Small Brawlhaven. Small Brawlhaven is still available in custom games but will return to the queue once the event is over.

Crew Battles

It’s all about Crew Battles for Brawl of the Week. So don’t forget to form a team and try out this 2v2 match at 200% damage. Each time a time loses a stock, the next team member in the crew enters the fight. The last team standing wins.

Plus, it can be played in custom games in two ways:

  • After starting up a custom lobby, players need to open up the Settings at the top of the lobby and switch to the Crew Battle game mode. There, players can change how players swap under “Crew Rotation.”
    • “Stock” means the next team member swaps in after a stock is lost.
    • “Player” means the next team member swaps in after the player is completely out of stock.
  • Players can also change how many players are in a game and how many stocks players have.

Read all the changes that arrived alongside the turtles here.

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