The Walking Dead: All-Stars Adds Spinoff Story Set in Seoul

The Walking Dead All Stars Spin-off
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A new update has been released for The Walking Dead: All-Stars and it introduces a new spinoff story. This one is set in Seoul, Korea, and follows the story of Korean survivors as they go against Walkers at a survival camp in a subway station. This series is called "Hope Overseas" and begins with Chapter 41 along with a new Survival Record.

The new spinoff story also adds a new Korean survivor named Junhyuk. He's the one leading the survivors and can launch grenades on the battlefield to deal huge damage to enemies. What makes Junhyuk different from other survivors in-game is his alignment: Unknown. So, to learn their true worth, Unknown survivors have to be paired with other existing survivors.

As part of the introduction of the new character, players can join the Mysterious Survivor – JunHyuk event. Simply play six battles with this new character and earn rewards for each battle won. There's also a final reward for those who can defeat all enemies; this event runs until June 6. To join the event, players must clear Stage 6-40.

Survival Record

A new Survival Record is now live and runs until June 6. All players need to do is win battles to earn the following:

  • Normal Rewards
    • Torn Notebook (Rare) x480
    • Canned Food x500,000
    • Toolbox I x10
    • Skill Manual (L) x2
  • Premium Rewards
    • Normal Recruit Ticket x10
    • Gold Bar x1,177
    • Toolbox II x10
    • Final Rewards
    • Headhunt Ticket x10

Login Event

Players can also enjoy the 7-Day Login event which runs until June 6. Up for grabs are:

  • Day 1 Reward
    • Skill Manual (L) x5
  • Day 2 Reward
    • Torn Notebook (Rare) x180
  • Day 3 Reward
    • Survival EXP (L) x5
  • Day 4 Reward
    • Gold Bars x1,000
  • Day 5 Reward
    • Canned Food Box (L) x10
  • Day 6 Reward
    • Normal Recruit Tickets x5
  • Day 7 Reward
    • Gold Bars x1,000
  • Final Reward
    • Survivor Choice Ticket x1
    • Select one of these: Chloe/Denise/Inventor Eugene/Rick Grimes/Sherry

Visit the Library

Another event players can join is the Visit the Library event. However, you'll need to move quickly since this is ending on May 26. Here's what you need to do:

  • Go to TWD:AS Discord server
  • Go to #Visit-the-Library-Event channel
  • Take a screenshot of a chapter with your favorite background from the Library and share the screenshot on #Visit-the-Library-Event channel
  • Fill out the Google Form with the link to your screenshot and account information

The rewards are:

  • Participation Reward: Normal Recruit Ticket x 5
  • 10 Lucky Survivors: Gold Bars x 3,000

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is downloadable via the App Store and Google Play.

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