The Walking Dead: All-Stars Launches Major PvP Update

Get ready to fight.
Get ready to fight. Com2Us

A new update is now live in The Walking Dead: All-Stars which introduces new PvP action. The Frontier Search event is where players in the top 10 of the existing PvP Frontier leaderboard can sign up to join the fight. Players can assign survivors in their winning formation with battles being conducted automatically each day. Those who win the battle receive points along with essential rewards like Benefit Material.

The Frontier Search event is going to be held on a two-week season basis and ends June 11.

Protector Carl is Here

Players can also look forward to expanding what is already a dynamic team because Protector Carl, the son of Rick Grimes, has entered the fight. In this version, Protector Carl is a grown-up version of the existing Carl Grimes in the game. He wears an eye patch over one eye to cover the wound made in his childhood. He slashes enemies with a katana to deal great damage.

There’s also a new event related to this new character from April 18 to May 1. Players need to have cleared Stage 6-40 to join. Here, they simply need to play six battles with Protector Carl and earn rewards for each battle they win. Of course, there’s a final reward for defeating all enemies.

Ghost Town Search Event

Players can also check out the Ghost Town Search event from April 10 to April 30. To participate, they need to have cleared Stage 6-40. Details of the event include:

  • There are a total of three buildings in the abandoned city.
  • Each building is restricted to characters of a certain type (STR/INT/DEX).
  • Create a team of eligible characters to do battle with.
  • Earn Clothes/Medicine/Food for winning.
  • Exchange the Clothes/Medicine/Food you've earned for characters and items.

Seven-Day Login Event

Players can also be part of the 7-Day Login Event. To join, they need to have cleared Stage 2-1. Simply log in every between April 18 to May 1 and earn these:

  • Day 1: Skill Manual (L) x5
  • Day 2: Torn Notebook (Rare) x180
  • Day 3: Survival EXP (L) x5
  • Day 4: Gold Bars x1,000
  • Day 5: Canned Food Box (L) x10
  • Day 6: Normal Recruit Ticket x5
  • Day 7: Gold Bars x1,000

Once players get all seven rewards, they become eligible for the final reward which is a Survivor Choice Ticket x1.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars is currently available on Android and iOS.

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