SENSEs: Midnight Coming to Consoles June

Pre-order for the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch opens this Thursday.
Something for console players to look forward to.
Something for console players to look forward to. eastasiasoft

SENSEs: Midnight is launching digitally this June on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. The game is planned to be the first in an anthology of sequels to the game Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story.

Pre-orders for physical editions for Switch and PS5 open this Thursday, April 13. A limited edition is available for Switch and PlayStations priced at $39.99, and it includes the base game, manual, soundtrack CD, and numbered certificate, all placed in a collector’s box. By the way, only 2,000 will be available for Switch and 1,000 for PS5.

You can also pre-order the standard edition for Switch, priced at $29.99.

Meet Kaho

The game focuses on Uesugi Kaho, an outgoing and adventurous college student, who is also a member of the occult research club at her school. Upon returning to Japan for a family visit, the other members of the club dare her to investigate a rather infamous urban legend The Midnight Door of Ikebukuro Walking Park. Kaho jumps in on the chance not only to prove that the legend is true but also get positive proof of the paranormal. However, entering the long-abandoned park could be the worst mistake that Laho has ever made.

Inspired by Classics

SENSEs: Midnight is a 3D survival horror game inspired by many classics in the genre. It features tank controls along with fixed camera angles in nostalgic style. There are many things to do like:

  • Discover the secrets of the park via environmental storytelling and lore.
  • Manage limited inventory slots carefully to avoid backtracking.
  • Weigh risk and reward on puzzles that may alert vengeful spirits.
  • Use hiding spots to temporarily elude your pursuer. Remember that there’s only one place where you can safely save the game.
  • Investigate paranormal activity in an authentic Japanese setting.
  • Avoid corrupted spirits and use hiding spots to survive the night.
  • Get immersed in a haunting atmospheric soundtrack and stylish 3D visuals.

A Cyberpunk Ghost Story

As mentioned, the game is going to be part of a series of sequels for Sense - A Cyberpunk Ghost Story. This one is inspired by classic adventure games and the origins of the survival horror genre. It celebrates the slow and cerebral creep of dread rather than relying on over-the-top action or jump scares.

What do you think? Will you face the horror?

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