Valorant: Norwegian Agent Deadlock Now Ready to Use Her Tools to Ensure Victory

Patch 7.0 Riot Games

Riot Games just dropped a massive content patch for Valorant today. Patch 7.0 introduced many new things, including a new agent, game mode, and currency.

New Agent

Meet Agent Deadlock. She is a Norwegian operative that can deploy a number of tools to help secure the battlefield. She has a Sonic Sensor that concusses an area if it detects significant noises, such as footsteps and weapon fire.

To prevent enemies from escaping, Deadlock can use her Barrier Mesh disc to generate obstacles and block character movement. While opposing agents can destroy the disc, it requires several seconds of continuous fire to do so, which is more than enough time for Deadlock and her team to finish them off.

Deadlock's abilities make her enemies more vulnerable - either by blocking their movement or slowing them down. GravNet grenade does the latter. When used, Deadlock throws a GravNet grenade that detonates upon landing, forcing any enemies caught within its area of effect to crouch and move slowly.

Now, one might think that Deadlock doesn't have any offensive abilities. She does and that's reserved for her ultimate, Annihilation. Deadlock equips a Nanowire Accelerator which unleashes a pulse of nanowires that captures and encases the first enemy it hits into a cocoon. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and dies if they reach the end. Even though enemies can technically free themselves from the cocoon, a carefully placed Nanowire Accelerator leaves them with no time to react.

New Game Mode

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is a new 5v5 game mode in Valorant where two teams battle it out on one of three new maps, Piazza, District, and Kasbah. Unlike the standard game mode, TDM has four timed stages and no econ. Plus, an agent respawns every 1.5 seconds after death, so everything here is fast-paced. The first team to get 100 kills wins the match.

New Currency

Riot Games implemented a new progression system in Valorant where players earn daily rewards just by playing matches. Players earn progress on a Checkpoint Track and each checkpoint yields XP and a new in-game currency called Kingdom Credits.

Kingdom Credits can be used to purchase accessories, agent gear, and of course, new agents like Deadlock. That's not all! Players can also use Kingdom Credits to acquire accessories from previous battle passes, including player cards, sprays, titles, and gun buddies!

So, what can you say about Valorant Patch 7.0?

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