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Valorant is a first-person shooter developed by Riot Games. Every agent in Valorant is unique and, if their abilities are mastered, they can be very dangerous. Cypher is really useful and easy to play, but you need to have proper teamwork to utilize his abilities. Cypher is useful on all maps, especially bigger maps where you have to hold sites by yourself.

Cypher is an agent that relies on a ton of intel. Your main objective as Cypher is to place traps and cams, which can help your team rotate between sites that are clear and figure where the enemy push is coming from. Cypher has four special abilities: Trapwire, Cyber Cage, Spycam, and Neural Theft.


Cypher’s first ability is Trapwire. The ability works by placing a wire between two hard surfaces, such as walls. This wire reveals an enemy's position when they walk past it. After they walk past the wire enemies can either shoot it or continue walking and get disoriented. The Trapwire is invisible to enemies until they come really close to it.

Cyber Cage:

Cypher’s second ability is Cyber Cage. This is another simple ability that allows you to place an invisible trap on the ground. You can trigger the cage at any distance, as long as you are looking in the direction of the trap. Once the trap is activated, it creates a big ring and slows down the enemies inside the cage. It is very useful to stop an enemy's momentum and catch them off-guard.


Cypher’s third ability is Spycam. This ability allows you to deploy an invisible camera that you can use to gather intel. Keep in mind that once you switch to look at the cams, enemies will be able to see and hear them. The cam can deploy darts that reveal enemy positions until the enemy removes the dart. These darts will keep appearing on the map with a few seconds delay.

Neural Theft:

Cypher’s ultimate ability is Neural Theft. This ability takes up seven ultimate orbs to use and is one of the most useful abilities in Valorant. To use Neural Theft, Cypher must throw his hat on an enemy corpse and it will reveal all the positions of all remaining enemies. This can help you and your team a lot, as Neural Theft basically gives you wallhacks and you can kill enemies while they are panicking.

So, what do you think of Cypher as an agent? Do you think your play style fits him perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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