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Valorant has been out for over two weeks now and the game has improved a lot from what we saw during the beta. Developer Riot Games added in a ton of content updates such as a new agent, a new map, and a new game mode with Valorant’s full launch. With 11 agents available to use, the game is a bit challenging for players who haven’t played before.

Jett is an amazing fragging operator, who has a lot of mobility. She requires a very high skill level to master. Your main objective as Jett is to get kills and get in weird spots that other agents usually don’t have access to. Jett is not a mandatory pick in all games, as she can be swapped out for a Phoenix or even Reyna. Jett has four special abilities: Tailwind, Updraft, Cloudburst, and Blade Storm


Jett’s first ability is Tailwind. This ability allows Jett to maneuver around the map quickly. You can use the ability to peek at enemies and then back out really fast, getting information on the enemy team. Beware when you use the ability to gather intel, as there will be a small delay before the ability actually kicks in.


Jett’s second ability is Updraft. This ability allows you to maneuver up on certain boxes, which gives you a higher angle compared to others. You have to be extremely useful while camping up in weird places, as you have less space to move around.


Jett’s third ability is Cloudburst. This ability is very useful if you master it. It will take some time to learn the mechanics, but it’s worth it. You basically shoot a smoke projectile that can be controlled using your mouse. Cloudburst is the perfect ability to block enemies vision and even peeking through the smoke gives you an advantage.

Blade Storm:

Jett’s ultimate ability is Blade Storm. This ultimate ability requires six orbs and it's perfect for running into a site and racking up kills. You can either press your left mouse button to throw a single dagger or right mouse button to throw all daggers, which deals with an incredible amount of damage. The best time to use the ultimate is when you are low on credits, so you can get a few kills and earn some extra credits.

So, what do you think of Jett as an agent? Do you think your play style fits her perfectly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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