DayZ October 26 PC Update Reduces Damage Taken by Blowtorch When Used

DayZ Update 1.15
DayZ Update 1.15 Bohemia Interactive

DayZ, the multiplayer-only game by Bohemia Interactive, received an important update yesterday. The patch went live on PC and brought several bug fixes and changes. It also implemented a couple of fixes on the server.

Steam Achievements should now properly work, and players can’t crawl up steep slopes anymore. The model of the M1025 engine has been updated and the amount of glowplugs in the world has been reduced. Damage taken by blowtorch when used also saw a reduction

The vehicle horn can’t be used in the pause menu anymore, and glitching through base-building objects is fixed. The hilarious bug where changing stances near objects will cause the player to launch in the air is now resolved.

You can read the complete patch notes below.

  • Steam Achievements were not functional
  • The character could get launched into the air when changing stances close to objects
  • It was not possible to crawl up steep slopes
  • The character could get stuck when walking backwards along walls
  • Widgets for the quickbar and stamina were misaligned in certain cases
  • It was possible to glitch through base-building objects
  • It was possible to use the vehicle horn in the pause menu
  • It was difficult to access the engine widget in the Sarka 120
  • Reversing into objects with M3S truck could result in major crash damage to the fuel tank
  • Fixed several building issues
  • Updated the model of the M1025 engine
  • Reduced the amount of damage the blowtorch takes on usage
  • Decreased the amount of glowplugs in the world
  • The light of the mummy infected now fades after death
  • Fixed: Ban list/Whitelist/Priority list would not accept all possible player identifiers
  • Fixed: Setting inertia values in the cfggameplay.json to 0.0 would result in a game freeze - minimum value is now 0.01, see documentation

The developer also mentioned the list of known issues. You can read about them along with the complete patch notes via the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing DayZ recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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