DayZ: The Secrets of Livonia Update Now Live; Features New Vehicle and GPS Receiver

Secrets of Livonia Update (Update 1.19)
Secrets of Livonia Update (Update 1.19) Steam

Update 1.19 for DayZ, otherwise known as Secrets of Livonia, is now live on all platforms. This hefty patch brings a ton of fundamental changes and new features, including a new vehicle, automatic transmission, and a GPS receiver, among others.

The M1025 has been added in Update 1.19. This lightly armored four-wheel drive monster is the first drivable military vehicle in DayZ. It features an automatic transmission that lets players maneuver this thing with ease, so that they can focus more on what’s on the road. Since the public beta, developer Bohemia Interactive has been hard at work in making sure that vehicles are easier and smoother to drive than before.

New Military Vehicle: M1025
New Military Vehicle: M1025 Steam

Aside from the new vehicle, those with the Livonia DLC will have lots to explore in this update. That’s because the development company added plenty of assets, such as sawmills, villages, quarries, and amusement camps.

Also, players are now less likely to get lost in DayZ, thanks to the addition of the GPS Receiver.

Here are the other significant changes and additions in the Secrets of Livonia Update:


  • SSG 82 rifle
  • BK-12 shotgun and sawed-off variant
  • Water reflections (can be configured in the graphics settings)
  • Thrown items now have impact sounds
  • The portable map now provides more details depending on the navigation gear you are carrying (GPS, compass)
  • Blowtorch
  • New stealth kill variant
  • Hand-brake for vehicles
  • Brake strength can be adjusted by combining it with Ctrl (light) and Shift (strong)
  • Car horn for vehicles
  • The player can now drown when submerged for too long


  • Reworked the simulation of vehicles, greatly impacting their general behavior
  • Tweaked vehicle simulation parameters on surfaces for vehicles
  • Reduced the speed of the player when running up/down steep terrain
  • Increased the inertia of the character when accelerating
  • Character slows down more when running turns
  • Character running speed is slowed down in medium water levels
  • Reduced the amount of explosives needed to break open a locked door
  • Improved the holding of the remote detonator receiver in players' hands
  • Improved synchronization of the stealth kill
  • Improved sounds of the gas station explosion
  • Damaged fuel tanks can now be repaired using duct tape or epoxy putty
  • Vehicles are now ruined when their fuel tank is ruined
  • All optics can now be repaired using the electronics repair kit
  • Decreased the improvement of the immune system by high energy/hydration levels on average


  • Added deforested areas
  • Added hunting cabins
  • Added forest camps
  • Added summer camps
  • Added tenement blocks to selected cities
  • Changed: Reduced the military spawns within the central (overgrown) part of Livonia to be contained to the military bases there
  • Changed: Re-balanced the number of ammunition available within the world (increased the number of piles, decreased the count in each)

DayZ Update 1.19 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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