DayZ: Latest Update Expands Weapon Arsenal

Weapons galore.
Weapons galore. Bohemia Interactive

A lot of players will be happy with the newest update for Dayz. Update 1.18 expanded further the game's arsenal of weapons.

For starters, players can now use the Grenade Launcher M79. This should be good for breaking not only the bases of those unfriendly survivors but also their spirits. This grenade launcher can deliver 40-mm fragmentation grenades as far as 300 meters, and can also fire different smoke grenades. It can fire those rare P-OX grenades as well, which contain deadly gas.

A Different Kind

Speaking of launchers, the new update introduces what’s known as the Fireworks Launcher. It can be used as a distraction while dealing with not only the infected but also other survivors. This one can be found in amusement parks.

Some Assembly Required

Those looking to deliver damage on a more "personal" approach can get their hands on the Claymore, a remotely detonated directional mine. It only needs to be assembled and it starts with scavenging for plastic explosives at industrial sites. After that, combine it with a remote detonation kit to allow detonation from a safe distance.

More Weapons

But wait there's more! In the game, it's often good to have a concealed weapon and surprise your enemies before they know what hit them. One option is the Derringer, which is small enough to fit inside a teddy bear. Don't let its size fool you since this double-barrel .357 pistol has enough damage that can lead to a fatal blow.

The new update also now allows players to craft sawed-off variants of the Blaze and Revolver. This should be fun for those who want to combine different loadouts. These variants lower the weight of the weapon and the number of slots needed in the inventory, good choices for those looking for secondary weapons.

Expanded Map

Update 1.18 expanded the map by adding dynamic train wrecks. These come in three tiers ranging from civilian to military trains. There is also good loot available like the M79. Just be sure to keep quiet since former passengers could appear in deadly swarms especially if there's too much noise.

DayZ is an open-world sandbox online game where 60 players on a server follow a single goal: to survive as long as they can and by all means necessary. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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