Upcoming Update for Echoes of the Plum Grove to Introduce New Pet Options

Are you ready for more pets? Unwound Games

Echoes of the Plum Grove officially released to Steam last week. That launch has been successful and currently carries a Very Positive rating on the platform. This early, developer Unwound Games has already revealed what's being planned for this casual and cozy farm simulator.

In a post, the development team shared that an update is planned to be released sometime this week. It's going to add more pet options along with improved controller support. The team went on to say that if full controller support won't be possible by the update, they'll continue working on it to make sure that it's fully implemented.

For the pet options, the upcoming update is set to add two cat options, one dog option, and a pig option for everyone to choose from. For those not keeping count, that's a total of four pets.

Game Crash

The studio also revealed that they've been getting reports of a game crash happening though it's limited to a small group of users on Windows 11. They've been working with the publishers to see if they can replicate the issue but it's not happening so far. To help address the issue, the studio hopes those who experience it share with them as much information as possible.

Future Plans

Aside from what's already arriving in the new update, here's what the team is also working on:

  • Steam Deck Verification
  • Furniture/Decor for walls such as paintings and hanging pots and pans.
  • Family tree menu so that you can see your lineage.
  • Ability to inoculate your family / give medicine to family members.
  • Saving the Sick Quests.

The team also said that one of the issues the community has raised is on the matter of lacking help when it comes to watering large farms. They're still looking into how to solve this one. However, as a quick fix they'll be offering a unique potion that players can buy from the witch. What happens is that once this potion is drunk, it's going to trigger rain the next day.

Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Finally, the team shared that they haven't forgotten the stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign. Here are some features to be introduced to the game soon:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Three songbirds for the home interior
  • New character: Old Man Rickett
  • NPC painting Hobby

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