The Unearned Hype Podcast: Episode 17 - Our Expectations For 'Far Cry 5' And 'WWE 2K18'

Far Cry 5

We’re back with another episode of The Unearned Hype Podcast; iDigitalTimes’ weekly audio and video show dissecting the big news of the week. Another week’s worth of technical issues forced us to publish a bit later than expected. But we’re not going to let something small, like some lost audio, stand between us and a new episode.

The first half of Episode 17 is dedicated to Far Cry 5 . Four teaser trailers debuted Monday. Cover art followed a few days later. And a full announcement is scheduled for this Friday. Phil doesn’t have much experience with the franchise and Scott’s interest has waned since Blood Dragon . But we’re both cautiously optimistic about Far Cry 5. It looks like Ubisoft may have taken some long time criticisms to heart. Now we just have to wait and see if other shortcomings from FC4 have been addressed. And we’ve got some thoughts about one of the most common complaints to emerge after Ubisoft confirmed Far Cry 5’s modern American setting.

Far Cry isn’t the only topic of conversation though. We also spend some time discussing WWE 2K18, now that Take-Two has confirmed the next edition of 2K Sports’ annual wrestling sim. The series has been pretty stagnant in recent years and neither of us has much optimism right now. But we’ve got some suggestions for the future of the series and some thoughts on storylines and features we’d like to see in WWE 2K18 . (Spoiler Alert: It’s probably time for last year’s brand split to be represented in the games.)

We’ve included YouTube and SoundCloud archives of this week's show and we’ll continue to do so with each new episode going forward. You can also watch us record the show every week on Twitch. We usually record at 1 p.m. EDT every Wednesday, barring scheduling conflicts. You can even listen to The Unearned Hype Podcast on iTunes. Just remember to click the Subscribe button if you like what you hear!

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