UNDECEMBER: Season Mode Launching April 27

Get ready for the new mode.
Get ready for the new mode. Needs Games

A new update is launching in UNDECEMBER this April 27 and it highlights the introduction of the new Season Mode. This new feature offers players more fun and challenging elements via combat and item farming for growth.

Season Mode operates on a three- to four-month basis with the goal of providing players a new hack-and-slash experience through a growth sensation which is around three times faster than what's currently available. Players can create new characters before starting the season and once it ends, they can continue to play this same character in Standard Mode.

For the first season, no separate detailed modes are going to be added. However, beginning the second season, detailed modes like "Solo Mode" and "Hardcore Mode" are added according to difficulty to further enhance the sense of challenge that players have.

Standard Mode vs. Season Mode

One of the good things about having a new Season Mode is that the character growth speed and item drop rates are faster. This adjustment is not limited to the new mode but also applies to the Standard Mode. With the first season update, players can look forward to balancing adjustments and system improvements being made sequentially.

One difference between Season Mode and Standard Mode is that in the former, a new character is created each season and starts from level one with the focus on challenge and novelty. In the Standard Mode, players can continue to enjoy the gameplay using their existing characters, including those moved from a previous season.

There will also be challenges which only season characters can join in. Those able to complete the challenges can get season-exclusive rewards, which can then be used in the Standard Mode once the season ends. Rewards like costumes and pets can also be used in both Season and Standard modes.

Other Changes

Other changes related to Season Mode are:

  • Expanding Tradable Items
    • The types of items available for trade through the auction house and combined auction house are expanded.
  • Basic Inventory Slots Increased
    • The default inventory is increased from 150 to 300.
    • The increase in the default inventory slots should make item management much more convenient.
  • Guild Changes
    • The method of activating guild buffs within the guild is revamped. Guild Buffs are now Personal Buffs.
    • Guild members can buy the same buff multiple times (up to 6 hours).
  • Rune Changes
    • Awakening effects obtained during inscription are changed from "random" to "specified."
    • This means players can specify the awakening effect they want and lower the burden of inscription.

Besides the new Season Mode, players can also expect new content. If you're excited about the upcoming update, pre-registration is now open until April 26. Those who pre-register can get cool rewards.

UNDECEMBER is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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