UNDECEMEBR: Act 12 Coming Out Later This Week

Enjoy the new act.
Enjoy the new act. Needs Games

A new update is coming to UNDECEMBER this April 28. This launches the 12th act titled “Ganida,” offering a large-scale story.

Players can look forward to nine themes and 18 stages. Considering that the Ganida region is mainly set on the sea, expect to see these stages having coastal elements. Areas that players can explore include:

  • Plankland
  • Stardust Mud Flats
  • Coastal Forest
  • Lonely Stone Path
  • House of Stenella
  • Throat of Greed

In addition to new areas, 20 new runes have been updated including 13 new skill runes and 10 link runes. This upcoming update also increases the maximum level of rune growth to level 40 which should give players access to more powerful skills.

But wait there’s more! Ganida introduces more than 40 new normal monsters and six new boss monsters which have random buffs, exciting for players looking for a challenge.

Adjustable Act Difficulty

Like in Ortemis, Ganida also has a Challenge Mode. This one was designed for those who have cleared Act 11 in the same mode. However, since it’s more difficult compared to normal settings, expect to receive greater rewards like the Stardust of Evolution II.

Here are the differences between Normal and Challenge difficulty settings:

  • In Challenge Mode, party play isn’t possible.
  • When playing in Challenge Mode, chance to revivals for three-times during boss stage is limited.
  • For those who change the difficulty level from “Normal Mode” to “Challenge Mode,” the previously generated Chaos Dungeon will be closed.

New Content

Other new content arriving with the update include:

  • New Weapon: Bow Gun
    • Fires small explosives attached to small bolts.
    • Can be equipped as a dual or single weapon.
    • When equipped as a single weapon, the ammo belt can be equipped as a sub-equipment.
  • New Solo Content: The Throne of Time
    • A constellation exploration linked to past memories of a specific character in the Undecember story.
  • New Content: Wanted
    • A new content where players receive missions from either Ribjaw or Stenella factions.
    • The missions are to defeat specific monsters in the Chaos Dungeon and obtain Pirate Coins.
    • Can be accessed by visiting two hideout points located in the Saluto area.
    • Becomes available after completing the Act 12: Towards the Future.
  • New Content: Black Market
    • Players can use bounty obtained through a wanted content and buy goods here.
    • Products are updated at regular intervals.
  • New Stage Event: Serpens Statue
    • Has a chance to appear when entering the Chaos Dungeon.
    • When accessing this stage, several special monsters are summoned.
    • Those who defeat them all will receive rewards.
    • The main rewards are items related to artifacts that can be obtained from the black market.
  • New Decent Raid: Deliverer of Judgment: Evermund
    • For players who are at least level 95.
    • The matching personnel for this raid are eight people.

Aside from a new act, players can also look forward to the new Season Mode. If you're excited about the upcoming update, pre-registration is now open until April 26. Those who pre-register can get cool rewards.

UNDECEMBER is available on PC, Android, and iOS.

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