UNDECEMBER Reports 3 Million Pre-Registrations

A new milestone.
A new milestone. Needs Games

Upcoming hack-and-slash game UNDECEMBER has reached 3 million pre-registrations. One reason why it picked up interest was the online showcase held last December 13, where the game revealed some specific content along with gameplay improvements. Then, there was the developer's note which announced that it would have 21:9 widescreen support along with UI optimization.

UNDECEMBER is scheduled to start service in South Korea in January with other markets following sometime in Q1 2022.

The game is set in a world where the light that came from the darkness was split into 12 divine beings. These beings rose from the void and shared their power to create Traum. After that, these same beings decided to live peacefully among their descendants. Over time, the descendants prospered under the blessings of these beings who were now worshiped as gods. However, a being known as the Evil God Serpens came into existence one day.

Features of the game are:

  • Unchanged
    • Hack and slash is always about destroying lots of enemies at once. Most games, however, have characters grow by beating enemies to get new items. This game hopes to offer a new growth system that players can enjoy while also coming up with their own builds.
  • Undefined
    • The game offers players the freedom to choose different combat styles. In addition, there are no defined classes. Players can change gears and skills and based their characters on personal playstyles.
    • Builds continue to be divided into Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence types, though there are no gear or combination restrictions.
  • Unlimited
    • Runes are classified by Skill and Link Runes with Link Runes assisting the effects of Skill Runes. The Runes can be equipped in a separate space called the Rune Cast and obtained through farming or by completing quests.
  • ​Unstoppable
    • Acts: The main scenario of the game.
    • Chaos Dungeon: End-game content available after completing the main scenario.
    • Boss Raid: A cooperative content with up to 8 players.
    • Crusade of Glory: A free-for-all PvP content.
    • Guild: Gather up to 50 members to gain exclusive benefits like Guild Buffs.

PC players can pre-register for the game at Steam here. The game is also available on Google Play with pre-registration accepted here.

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