Two New Characters Added to Tower of God: New World with Latest Update

Tower of God New Characters
The roster just got even bigger. Netmarble

The roster of Tower of God: New World once again expanded with the introduction of new teammates. A new update has added SSR+ [Punisher] Ren and SSR [Compressed] Rak to the game.

Ren (Green element, Mage, Anima) is a member of the Zahard Royal Enforcement Division, Unit 67. This Ranker is both a Wave Controller and an Anima. While considered as a prodigy, he's one who's unable to control his vicious tendencies.

Meanwhile, Rak (Yellow element / Ranged / Spear Bearer) has now been shrunk down in size to that of a large dog. This happened after he picked a fight with Hansung Yu on Evankhell's Floor. Despite this, there are those who say that since his size is as cute as his personality, his charm has actually doubled.

In addition to the new characters, the new update also launches several in-game events which are now live and expected to run until February 15. These are:

  • Story Event [Anaak's Red Forget-Me-Not]
    • Players get the chance to experience special Story and Free stages.
    • By clearing event stories, they can earn multiple rewards that include Normal Summon Tickets, SSR Teammate Soulstone, and Red Forget-Me-Not Tickets, to name a few.
  • Anaak's Red Forget-Me-Not Story Event Exchange Shop
    • Use event items like Flowers earned from the story event and then exchange them for different rewards like SSR Compressed Rak, Red Forget-Me-Not Tickets and Growth Resources.
  • Anaak's Red Forget-Me-Not Check-in
    • Check-in the game for 14 days during the event period and receive rewards including Compressed Rak Hot Deal Summon Tickets, Normal Summon Tickets, Suspendium, and more.
  • Khun Khun Arcade Mini-game 'Climb the Tower' Event
    • Players can enter special mini-game events which are themed to the new year and obtain Normal Summon Tickets once they clear all missions.

In Tower of God: New World, players get to control fan-favorite characters from the Tower of God. They get to join Twenty-Fifth Bam, along with more than 70 characters, as he fights his way up the Tower. The gorgeous 3D animation is sure to make players feel as if they themselves have really stepped into an anime world. They get to experience fast-paced battle mechanics while making use of unique Slot System that powers up a particular "slot" rather than a specific character.

Tower of God: New World is now available to download through Google Play and the App Store. A PC version can be downloaded from Google Play Games Beta.

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