Tower of God: New World Adds Two New Teammates & New Ignition Weapons

Tower of God Half Year
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A new update has been released for Tower of God: New World in celebration of its half-year anniversary. Highlights include the introduction of two new teammates along with a new content to the main story. There are also new weapons and of course, some limited-time events.

For the new teammates, the first one is SSR+ [Data] Urek Mazino (Yellow element, Tanker, Fisherman). He's actually an incomplete data of Urek that's been copied to the hidden floor. He may look like the original but there's an "ERROR" warning display which floats around him every now and then. He also has a fissure-like scar that's near his right eye. When it comes to combat, he can become invisible and can deal an AoE attack.

The second one is SSR [Mad Dog's Angel] Ron Mei (Red element, Supporter, Light Bearer) who joins the Workshop Battle as Varagarv's partner. She has angelic qualities like having bright smile and small wings but is actually keeping dark secret. Her abilities include becoming immune to Stun, being able to recover HP of allies, and creating a barrier for allies.

Other New Content

The new update also introduces new ignition weapons particularly for Doris and Raihanna which allow for new strategies and ways to use teammates. For example, players who use both Doris and Raihanna are able to strengthen Swiftness and Barrier. Players can also the new content added to the main story which is Act 7-1 [Eye of a Needle: An E-Rank Regular].

As part of the half-year anniversary celebration, players can earn rewards like SSR+ Teammate Soulstones and Normal Summon Tickets(x50) by entering the coupon codes TOG2024LIVE or TOGLOVE2024. This offer is valid until January 31.

Limited-Time Events

Aside from the new content, players can also enjoy events which are available until January 31. These are:

  • Half-Year Anniversary Ultimate Popularity Contest
    • Players can vote for their favorite characters using Vote Tickets earned by completing missions.
    • Once voting ends, the costume that receives the most votes is offered to all players.
    • Normal Summon Tickets, EXP and more are available based on the number of votes.
  • Half-Year Anniversary Daily Festival
    • Complete daily missions for 13 days to earn [Half-Year] SSR+ Teammate Selection Chest, Rare Whetstone and other items.
  • Half-Year Anniversary Check-In
    • Check-in the game for 14 days during the event period to get rewards like Black Market Tickets, [Ron Mei] Hot deal Summon Tickets, Suspendium and more.

Tower of God: New World is available on Google Play and the App Store. A PC version is also available and can be downloaded from Google Play Games Beta.

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