Tower of God: New World Adds Gustang to the Roster with New Update

Tower of God Gustang
Look who's joining the roster. Netmarble

A new update is now live in Tower of God: New World which introduces a new teammate for players to add to their team. It's none other than SSR+ [Data] Gustang (Purple element, Supporter, Wave Controller).

Gustang is a data copy of Po Bidau Gustang, one of the Ten Great Families, and created on the hidden floor during his initial climb up the Tower. Gustang has the ability to recover and increase the Swiftness of his allies while at the same time remove Debuff. Despite his demeanor, he's actually a caring person and at times crafts special tools for his teammates.

Other New Content

In addition to introducing a new teammate, players can also enjoy the new growth support system known as Astrolabe. Players can use what's known Astrolabe Keys which are earned through Limit Break Teammates and can increase the amount of Coins, Shinsu and EXP, be earned from Loot. Playes can also look forward to three new Winter costumes added for Data Gustang, Po Bidau Blanc, and Yeongsuk.

New In-Game Event

In celebration of the latest update, new limited-time events have been launched which are:

  • Story Event [Gustang's Secret Tome] (December 20 to January 3)
    • Enjoy Story and Free stages during this event.
    • Clear stages and earn rewards including the Holiday Lobby Background, Secret Tome Tickets, and Winter Costume, to name a few.
  • Gustang's Secret Tome Story Event Exchange Shop (December 20 to January 3)
    • Use event items (Green Balls, Gift Chest, Treetop Stars) earned from the story event to exchange for different items that include SSR Po Bidau Blanc and Secret Tome Tickets.
  • Gustang's Secret Tome Check-in (December 20 to January 3)
    • During the event period, players can get Normal Summon Tickets, Suspendium and more by checking-in the game.
  • Secret Tome Event Mission (December 20 to January 3)
    • Complete [Gustang's Secret Tome] story event missions to receive Normal Summon Tickets, SSR Soulstones and more.
  • Event Boss 'Everglow Tree' (December 27 to January 3)
    • Clear all event story stages and challenge the holiday event boss 'Everglow Tree.'
    • A special border reward is offered once players reach a certain rank.
  • Alliance Expedition Mode Season 5 (December 24 to January 3)
    • Players can enter Search and Boss Phases with Alliance members.
    • Once all stages are cleared, various rewards are available including Alliance Coins and Borders.

Tower of God: New World is available on Google Play and the App Store with the PC version available to download from Google Play Games Beta.

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