The Dollmaker Joins Tower of God: New World Roster in Latest Update

She may be a cutie but don't underestimate her. Netmarble

A new game update for Tower of God: New World has been released and introduces a new teammate. Get ready to meet SSR Verdi (Purple element, Ranged, Anima), who's a member of Team Shibisu and known as "Dollmaker." The thing about Verdi is that when she meets attractive people, she has the ability to turn them into her own living dolls. In addition, those who underestimate her dur to her small size are sure to be stunned, as well as blinded, by the octopus doll which she summons.

New Mode

The new update also means that the Tower of Alliance game mode is now live. This is where the Alliance of a player is matched with another Alliance of the same rank at random. Players then release their characters to the floors of the Tower of Alliances and try to conquer the Alliance Tower of the other team from the ground floor.

The Alliance that has a higher number of occupied floors is declared the winner.

Limited-Time Event

A new update means new in-game events. These are:

  • Happy New Year Check-in Event (January 3 to January 18)
    • To celebrate the new year, players can check-in to the game for 14 days and earn rewards.
    • Rewards include Normal Summon Tickets (x30) and Suspendium (x3,000), to name a few.
  • New Year Bingo Event (January 3 to January 18)
    • Get SSR Verdi by playing the game for 14 days.
  • Formation Strategy Lesson Event (January 10 to January 24)
    • Players can choose one out of three formations (Balanced, Guard or Wedge) and enter up to six times a day.
    • Earned tokens from the event can be exchanged for different that include SSR characters like Yeon Yihwa, and Bam.
    • Equipment enhancement material is also available, among many others.

Excited to try out this new hero?

In Tower of God: New World, players get to control many of the fan-favorite characters from the Tower of God series. Players get to join Twenty-Fifth Bam, along with at least 70 characters, as he fights his way to the top of the Tower. The game features 3D animation that's sure to make players feel as if they've actually stepped into an anime world.

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