Two Internet Legends Finally Meet: H3H3 Productions And DJ Khaled

h3h3 khaled
Ethan and DJ Khaled finally met. YouTube

Two of the internet's biggest meme lords, h3h3 productions and DJ Khaled, have finally met. The universe as a whole will never be the same. H3h3 just released a video showing their encounter with Snapchat’s weirdest multimillion dollar recording artist. For years, h3h3 has made videos spoofing DJ Khaled and all of his weird internet shenanigans. With help from radio station HOT97, Ethan, Hila and DJ Khaled finally got to meet.

In the video, Ethan and Hila ride into DJ Khaled’s fancy Miami home, eat food from his trays and show “Homegenius Khalidius” some h3h3 videos. DJ Khaled even teaches Ethan how to properly Snapchat: “you gotta use iconic angles.” Ethan and Hila have no idea how to react, they are obviously just as shocked about them meeting the legend as everyone else is.

Ethan and Hila end the meeting by showing DJ Khaled h3h3’s best video: “ THE DJ KHALED DOCUMENTARY. ” Thankfully, Khaled enjoyed it and laughed at it’s insanity.

The search is finally over, h3h3 productions found their sasquatch.

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