Twitch Crowd Choice for Life is Strange: True Color is Good News for Streamers

A different way to play.
A different way to play. Square Enix

The new Crowd Choice Extension for Twitch is making its debut in Life is Strange: True Colors. This one is sure to be a treat to video game streamers. That is because it allows streamers to give their viewers the chance to vote on what to do next in the game. It’s going to be available once the game is launched on September 10.

There are two ways to use the extension. The first is Suggestions where streamers can look at what viewers “suggest” and then make decisions after that. The second is Full Democracy where the viewers get to control the story.

It’s also not that difficult for streamers to set up. All they need to do is connect their Square Enix Members account to the game and then start streaming. After that, simply turn on the Crowd Choice mode in the Live Stream menu which can be found in the Settings. Viewers, meanwhile, can simply activate the extension which they can get here.

The Story

Life is Strange: True Colors tells the story of a young Asian-American named Alex Chen. She has the power of Empathy, which allows her to experience, absorb, and even influence the strong emotions of others. She returns to Haven Springs to reunite with her brother Gabe. However, Gabe gets killed in a mysterious accident which forces Alex to accept her power to learn the truth behind her brother’s death.


Pre-order is now accepted and offered in three editions which are:

  • Standard (Digital and Physical)
  • Deluxe (Digital)
    • Life is Strange: Wavelengths
    • 4X Life is Strange Hero Outfits
  • Ultimate (Digital)
    • Life is Strange: Wavelengths
    • 4X Life is Strange Hero Outfits
    • Life is Strange 1: Remastered
    • Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered

While waiting for the game to launch, fans can enjoy the official soundtrack with 12 tracks composed and performed by Angus & Julia Stone. Read more about it here.

Life is Strange: True Colors is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch. The game is the fifth in the Life is Strange series. A remastered collection of the original game and the prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm is scheduled to be launched sometime in early 2022.

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