Turn-Based RPG Warsaw Will Release On PC In Early September

Based on real historic events during World War II.
Developer Pixelated Milk's next game, Warsaw, will be released on Steam this September 4.
Developer Pixelated Milk's next game, Warsaw, will be released on Steam this September 4. Pixelated Milk

The turn-based RPG strategy game Warsaw from developer Pixelated Milk will hit the Steam store on September 4, 2019 as announced by its publisher in a recently released trailer on YouTube.

Based on the ill-fated Warsaw Uprising of 1944, the tactical RPG tells the story of a group of soldiers and civilians and their journey to becoming heroes as they fight to free the capital city from grasp of Nazi Germany. With the odds stacked against your band of unlikely heroes, you must utilize any and every help you can get from the citizenry of the invaded city. Men, women, the elderly, the youth, civilianm or soldier; they all can help you liberate your beloved Warsaw.

Similar to most turn-based RPGs, Warsaw will see you have a handful of characters to customize in your squad depending on the situation. Presumably, you win the battle when your opponents’ health points reach zero. This requires strategic planning. You can’t just expect to win when you fill your squad with only soldiers, medics, and so forth. Striking a correct balance to create the perfect composition is essential in your success.

As shown in the trailer for Warsaw, a number of these characters were seen including Franek the Scout, Jadwiga the Paramedic, Marian the Mechanic, and Krzysztof the Home Army soldier. Each character has stats and abilities unique to them, which are upgradeable through their experience in combat. Traits are also seen in the video, which include brawn, dexterity, intuition, and charm. A weapons tab is also available, which means that specific equipment have certain synergies with certain character classes.

From a visual standpoint, the art style is very good. On their Steam page, Warsaw's developers say that the graphics used for the game are all hand painted, and to be quite honest, it really shows. The cartoonish style doesn’t take anything away from its serious theme. In fact, it adds to Warsaw’s dark and somber mood.

For fans of the turn-based RPG genre like myself, this is a must pick-up. Gameplay elements are usually what I’m looking for in a title, the historical basis of the game is just an added bonus for me.

You can now add Warsaw to your Steam Wishlist as of July 2. The game will release on September 4.

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