Trigon: Space Story: Players Can Now Change Order of Units in Crew Management in Update

Trigon: Space Story
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Trigon: Space Story is a 3D sci-fi tactical roguelike where every decision you make matters. You are in charge of a loyal crew and a fully-functional spaceship complete with all of the weapons you can dream of. Do you want to live life as a space pirate or want to be the hero of the galaxy? In this game, the choice is yours!

The developers just launched Update for Trigon: Space Story. This patch brings a lot of community-requested features and improvements - one of which is the ability to change the order of your units in crew management. This is pretty good because it enables you to choose specific groups and have them carry out commands quickly.

In addition, the developers have improved the in-game crosshair by making it slightly larger and brighter than before. It looks more noticeable now, so you won't lose sight of it, especially during intense situations.

You will also find that there are a few new anti-aliasing options, including FXAA, SMAA, and MSAA. These settings can help smoothen out jagged edges, though how they do so depends on the option used.


  • Updated statistics window.
  • Make access to the encyclopedia from the menu in the game.
  • Now it is easy to take a quick look at your unlocks, check your progression, and compare things.
  • Add a pop-up to the "Continue" button in the main menu and in the menu in the game with information about what you are playing - difficulty, chapter, mode, etc.
  • Skip cutscenes
  • Added alert for an enemy is going to use a teleporter with a countdown.
  • Before it was only sound effects and animation, which could be hard to read on pause.
  • Alerts filtered by importance with weight and colors.
  • One of several upcoming steps about improves alerts for players. Will help to quickly read critical information in battle.
  • Remove the ability to throw the captain overboard which brings the game over.
  • With tears in my eyes. It was not a bug, it was a feature. Press F to pay respect.
  • Unify popups for guns, drones, and shells - there should be the same number of lines, for ease of comparison.
  • Improved unit position saving feature.
  • Now it shows arrows for a second in the places of these positions, as when giving a unit an order to move.
  • On "Low" and "Very low" graphics presets used a newly optimized camera which gives up to 10% performance boost.
  • When the surrender of the enemy is refused by the player, the enemy interface disappears and he stops fighting.
  • In a battle against two ships, after killing the first one, the game paused, which could not be unpaused.
  • When a player has several types of shells and the currently selected type runs out, they are not automatically loaded into the weapons.

Trigon: Space Story Update is available on PC.

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