Tower Unite's Latest Update Improves Netcode; Introduces Tons of New Features

Summer Cleanup Update PixelTail Games

Tower Unite is a simulation game where you manage a virtual theme park filled with fun activities that you can play with your friends. It got a patch recently that delivered a myriad of new features and improvements.

In the Summer Cleanup update, you can now put your own custom spawn points in your condo. This is one of the most highly requested features in Tower Unite as it allows you to set where players will spawn when visiting your humble abode. If you set up more than one custom spawn point, those who visit your condo will randomly spawn at each of them.

Another noteworthy improvement is that you can now have multiple cameras and game consoles connected to media players via a channel system. Just like a TV, you can switch between channels by using the remote or the IO buttons found in your condo.

The developers have also made some netcode optimizations to reduce network-related ping delay when doing certain actions, such as flying with jetpacks, performing rocket jumps, and using teleporters, among others.


  • Significantly optimized player animations
  • Added Sheeted Mattress, Simpla Entertainment Stand, Simpla Framed Dresser, Simpla Sideboard Cabinet, Simpla Wooden Nightstand, Simpla Colorful Drawers, Simpla Colorful Dresser, Simpla Accent Table, Glass Table to Sweet Suites store
  • Added Supermarket Single Door, Supermarket Double Door, Supermarket Glass Panel, Closet Door, Closet Double Doors, Pantry Doors to D.I.Y. store
  • Added Canvas Hemisphere item to D.I.Y. store
  • Accelerate: Improved turning, fixed sliding, improved camera when turning, and better drift visuals
  • Condo IO: Added Spawn Point Tag Volume. Sets a spawn point tag on a player which makes them only spawn at spawn points with the same tag
  • Condo IO: Added Checkpoint Mode to Custom Spawn Point item. This will make the Custom Spawn Point into a checkpoint and set players who overlap with the spawn point box to respawn at that spawn point
  • Condo:
    • Keypad has new sounds
    • Keypad now displays * symbols when in hidden mode
    • Keypad no longer accepts inputs that are beyond the length of the passcode
    • Keypad now displays messages on accepted and denied
    • You can now disable the ability to sleep in beds
    • Added Bedroom Door panel variations and renamed Bedroom Door to Paneled Door
  • Arcade: Doubled ticket payout for Starfield Lanes
  • Arcade: Added categories for Freezing Point and Uncle Muscle's, separating holdable items and condo placeable items
  • Improved Chainsaw milestone (added moving chain and smoke)
  • Improved Flamethrower milestone (added better impact FX and pilot light, increased polygons)
  • Improved Firework RPG milestone. Added hit decals when they explode

Tower Unite Summer Cleanup update is available on PC.

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