Tower Unite Update Box Select and Color Palettes

Tower Unite Update
Tower Unite Update Steam

Tower Unite recently received a major update focused on two new features: Box Select and Color Palettes. In addition to that, the developer fixed several bugs present in the game.

Condo: Box Select

The latest update features a new addition for condo owners, the Box Select. Creators can use Box Select to select multiple items by drawing a box shape over them. It can be activated by holding the inventory button and dragging it to create a box.

Condo: Color Palettes

The developer introduced new color palettes in this update. Now, players can make up to three color palettes while creating condos. Also, these color palettes can be saved, letting players use their favorites even after closing down the game or switching condos.

Tower Unite Update

  • Little Crusaders: Cardboard Castle.
  • Condo IO: Phase 2.
  • Condo IO: Variable support! You can now set variables (where applicable) to items. For example, with a button, you can set the color of a light, or set the canvas URL of an existing canvas within IO events.
  • Condo IO: Added Counter Module - A counter that counts a number then fires off when its max or min is reached. Can be reset to restart the count. Counter can optionally save its value persistently. You can Add, Subtract, and even Multiply and Divide the counter.
  • Condo IO: Added Timer Module - A timer that keeps track of time passed. Can be adjusted to loop, select random times between min/max, pause/unpause.
  • Condo: Sound Emitters now have a "Starts Playing" option, default on. This is useful to disable sound emitters always playing when loading into the condo, so they can be triggered by IO events instead.
Bug Fixes
  • Dark Voyage: Fixed the carts teleporting across the ride.
  • Plaza: Fixed Plaza map button not working (M key).
  • Plaza: Fixed Laser Tag map teleport causing you to get stuck.
  • Condo IO: Fixed Teleport Volume not working (unless you reload your condo).
  • Condo IO: Fixed Teleport Volume not setting or saving teleport target location.
  • Condo IO: Fixed stashing IO-based items not saving the condo data.
  • Condo IO: Fixed Trigger Volume OnTrigger, OnLeaveTrigger not being completely reliable and not always firing off properly.
  • Condo IO: Fixed Physics Slot resizing physics items after they are ejected.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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