Tower of God: New World Welcomes The Seven Deadly Sins

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A new update for Tower of God: New World has been released and it launches a new collaboration with none other than The Seven Deadly Sins. There's going to be new teammates available for everyone to recruits and limited-time events to join.

There's actually going to be three new teammates available for recruitment and these are:

  • SSR+ [The One] Escanor (Blue element, Tank, Defender)
    • Also known as The Lion Sin of Pride of The Seven Deadly Sins, he is also part of the greatest order of knights in the Kingdom of Liones.
    • Often seen as a weak and timid man, he turns into a hulking and prideful being once the sun is high in the sky.
    • He becomes invincible when the clock hits noon.
    • His skills include Critical Hit, Stunning, and more.
  • SSR [Cursed Shackles] Meliodas (Blue element, Warrior, Scout)
    • Known to many as The Dragon Sin of Wrath, he also serves as the leader of The Seven Deadly Sins and considered as one of the greatest order of knights in the Kingdom of Liones.
    • After regaining his emotions in Purgatory, Meliodas is now able to control dark magic orbs freely and unleash immense power.
    • Meliodas applies Shackles of Purgatory and unleashes his magical power to AoE Attacks and recover Energy.
  • SSR [Eternal Rebirth] Elizabeth (Blue element, Mage, Wave Controller)
    • The Third Princess of Liones and the one Meliodas loves.
    • She can purify evil energies but dislikes fighting and respects the sanctity of life.
    • Her skill allows her to fire a spiraling ray of light at the enemy to deal.
    • She can also heal all allies when she regains her memory.

Limited-Time Events

New limited-time events are now live and available until February 29. These are:

  • Collab Story Event [The Tomb of Tortured Souls -City of the Undead-])
    • This collaboration event is based on The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement.
    • Players can experience three new teammates from The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgement, unique collaborative story events and earn various rewards including Collab Tickets, SSR Soulstones and more.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Collab Summon
    • Players can only summon The Seven Deadly Sins Collab teammates while various SSR Soulstones, Rapport items and more are available.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins Daily Festival
    • Clear all daily missions and earn rewards such as SSR+ [The One] Escanor and Collab Tickets.
  • The Tomb of Tortured Souls Story Event Exchange Shop
    • Different items can be earned from the story event can be exchanged for rewards such as SSR [Cursed Shackles] Meliodas and more.
  • Check-In Event
    • Check in the game for 14 days during the event period and obtain different rewards like SSR [Eternal Rebirth] Elizabeth, Collab Tickets and more.

Other New Content

Players should also be happy to know that Event Boss 'Gray Demon' is going to be available from February 22 to February 29. During this period, players can clear all event story stages to receive rewards along with challenge the event boss 'Gray Demon.'

Players can explore the new Adventure floors, which have expanded to level 60, and earn different equipment, currency, and items once they clear specific stages.

Tower of God: New World is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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