Total War's Latest Spin Off Elysium Is A CCG

Total WAr: Elysium CCG exclusive to China, for now.
Total WAr: Elysium CCG exclusive to China, for now. Creative Assembly

Total War is spinning off with a collectible card game titled Total War: Elysium. Made possible by a partnership between NetEase and Creative Assembly, this CCG is set to be exclusively launched to China. Well, for now that is, as Creative Assembly more than confirmed that a worldwide is planned in the future.

The choice to limit the launch to China is not surprising considering that it is the biggest market for Total War: Three Kingdoms. Both NetEase and Creative Assembly confirmed that they are working to ensure that the game is able to comply with the rather strict guidelines of China.

Creative Assembly also confirmed that the content for all their Total War games are not going to be affected by China's guidelines. This serves as good news to many fans of the franchise. It should be recalled that late last year, Ubisoft made some changes to the maps and art of Rainbow Six Siege prior to its release in China. The changes affected all players and didn't sit well with many gamers.

In addition to the announcement of the new CCG, it was a surprise as well that Creative Assembly made mention of Total War: Arena. This game was shut down last year but according to the studio, there continues to be a lot of potential in terms of what it has to offer. That said, Arena is expected to make a comeback, and like Elysium, is going to be initially released as a China-exclusive before getting a worldwide release.

Total War is a series of games which make use of turn-based strategy and resources management combined with real-time tactical control of battles. The first game of the series was Shogun: Total War. The game was set in feudal Japan and while not really a mainstream product, had its own dedicated fan base.

Since then, a total of 13 games have been added to the franchise with the latest one being Total War: Three Kingdoms, which was released in May of this year. The latest addition to the series centers on China during the Han dynasty in 190 AD. The game focuses on heroes who fight against tyranny, but whose ambitions could break the already fragile alliance and divide China even further apart.

There are have also been four spin-off games, excluding the upcoming Elysium CCG. One of this was the aforementioned Total War: Arena.

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