New Total War Saga Game In Development

A new Total War Saga is in the works.
A new Total War Saga is in the works. Creative Assembly

Developer Creative Assembly just recently released a developer update, confirming that a new Total War Saga game is in the works. Although details are still very thin at this point, the studio has announced more information will be released soon, and that the game is set to launch later this year.

Total War Saga announcements are always met with a lot of excitement and support from the gaming community. Fans of the Total War franchise enjoy the typically shorter and more focused experiences that Sagas bring to the table. Unlike other Total War games, which are often massive in scale and span a much longer period, Sagas offer a gaming experience that focuses on specific historical periods and events. Saga games include Thrones of Brittania, which focuses on the invasion of Britain by the Great Heathen Army, or Total War: Atilla which focused on the Hun conqueror's rise to power.

We don’t know much about the focus of this latest Total War Saga, but with the unique historical experience brought about by Napoleon, Fall of the Samurai, and Thrones of Brittania, we’re excited to find out more. Will it be a set in medieval Europe? The Renaissance? Right now, it’s anybody’s guess.

Three Kingdoms' dev update also included in the announcements.
Three Kingdoms' dev update also included in the announcements. Creative Assembly

In the same update, Creative Assembly also unveiled a new DLC pack coming to Total War: Warhammer 2. Titled the Lord Pack, the DLC will come with some fresh new content for new and veteran players to enjoy. Creative Assembly also revealed the brand new predictive engine for the upcoming title Total War: Three Kingdoms, which will be used to guarantee Auto Resolve battle results.

Fans of the Total War franchise definitely have a lot to look forward to, but with all the updates and announcements, which one are you most excited about? Are you looking forward to the Lord Pack DLC for Warhammer 2? Are you excited to see how the changes to Warhammer 1 and Mortal Empires might allow for unique gameplay and experiences? Or are you more interested in seeing the predictive Auto Resolve feature in Three Kingdoms? Let us know in the comments section below!

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