The Division 2 Launches The Last Resort Apparel Event With Some Cool Items

Get more apparel.
Get more apparel. Ubisoft

If you’re looking for some new apparel, then you’re in luck. The Division 2 has launched the Last Resort Apparel Event, which started on October 6 and runs through October 26. Overall, there’s going to be 29 new apparel items that players can gather.

This new event is available to all players who own Warlords of New York and finished the New York campaign. All rewards and progress are immediately enabled at the start of the event. There are also going to be keys that can be earned and used for Event Caches. As a way to celebrate the start of this event, all agents who log-in to the event get a key that should help start their collection.

Let’s start with Rewards. The event is going to offer four full cosmetic outfits which are Bastion, Enforcer, Mechanic, and Specialist. Other apparel items being offered as rewards include two emotes, three shirts, two glasses, two hats, two pants, a pair of shoes, and a mask.

Players that manage to get all the Last Resort items during the event get the unique Rikers Bandana as their final prize. Once the event ends, the bandana is no longer going to be obtainable.

For the event itself, players need to remember these:

  • Event Live
    • Date: October 6-26
    • Details:
      • During this period, players can earn event keys or buy them.
  • Event Closing
    • Date: October 20 – November 2
    • Details:
      • For players that have any leftover keys, they need to make use of them during this period.
      • This is also the time for players to use unspent keys and buy additional ones in order to get access to all Last Resort event apparel.
      • It’s still possible to get the Rikers Bandana during this period.
  • Post Event
    • Date: November 3 onwards
    • Details:
      • By this time the event is no longer active and caches are no longer obtainable.
      • Event items can still be purchased from the in-game store.

By the way, you’re probably wondering how to get keys. The event keys for the Apparel Caches can be earned from these sources:

  • SHD Levelling
  • One key every four SHD levels.
  • Direct purchase with Premium Credits
  • Season 3 Pass owners get three extra keys

One thing that players can look forward to for this event is Gifting. As mentioned, players can choose to buy Apparel Event keys using Premium Credits. These keys can then be sent to friends or clan members directly.

Ready to get some cool apparel?

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