‘Titanfall 2’ And ‘Battlefield 1’ Servers Down: Players Report Second Crash In October

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Battlefield 1 is one of the most thrilling shooters out there. But how do you push that pesky Austro-Hungarian Empire to the coast when you can’t log on? Many users have reported connectivity issues to the Battlefield Servers.

It turns out this issue isn’t unique to Battlefield - It seems users are having trouble with EA Origin and Titanfall Servers as well. In fact, it’s highly likely that Titanfall 2, which just launched this weekend, created a massive spike in players and caused the servers to fail.

This latest EA server outage is the second incident this month. When the servers crashed on Oct. 21, we speculated a DDoS attack may be responsible. While nothing is confirmed, we do know that the powers that be at Battlefield, EA, and Dice are on the case.

Stay tuned for updates. If you need to pass the time waiting to get back in the fight - We’ve got Battlefield Guides for Choosing Your Class, Finding The Best Game Mode, and Top Multiplayer Tips.

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