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The association wants to be the voice of players when it comes to the future of the competitive scene.
The association wants to be the voice of players when it comes to the future of the competitive scene. Epic Games

A number of professional Fortnite players have decided to group up and form the Fortnite Professional Players Association. It is a global collective of pro players who want to combine their powers in hopes of achieving the greater good. Basically, the group is hoping to give players and fans alike a much-needed voice when it comes to the future of the competitive Fortnite scene.

"It is an independent world-wide collective of professional Fortnite players," reads a press statement about the group, "meant to provide us a professional platform to voice our opinions on the future of the competitive scene of Fortnite, so that we may have the most productive dialogue possible with developers."

This is definitely a huge stepping stone in the entirety of the Fortnite community. It is proof that the game’s competitive scene is growing. And with its success, it makes sense for these pro players to cement their existence and value in the scene.

According to reports, the group launched with 16 members across North America and Europe last week. However, the numbers are expected to grow as it is planning to invite more players to join in the coming weeks.

Through the group’s formation, all Fortnite players will finally get their views heard by developer Epic Games. There are plenty of ways to do so, such as tweeting, posting on official forums, and sharing insights through mediums like email and social media.

Also, the FNPPA offers a good number of advantages. For starters, since this is a combined group of professional players, the voices are expected to be louder together. And since their influence can be quite significant, it is very likely for Epic take notice. Plus, the Fortnite Players Association will channel concerns into a more well-reasoned and digestible structure in hopes of making it easier for the studio to parse and act on these concerns.

It is worth noting, though, that the group is not a legal entity. Instead, it is a well-intentioned group that aims to help Fortnite’s huge community. While the group’s aim is quite remarkable on its own, the last say is still with Epic Games.

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