Fortnite New Matchmaking System In Place, Provides Update On Bots

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New matchmaking system in place.
New matchmaking system in place. Epic Games

Fortnite has rolled out a new matchmaking system for both Solo and Duos mode. This new matchmaking system takes into account the different skill levels of players across different platforms along with control inputs. It then groups players that have similar skill levels together.

It was in late September when Fortnite first announced that it was planning to roll out a new matchmaking system. According to the Fortnite team, over the past two years since the game's first release, the range of player skill has increased in a considerable manner.

When the new system was released, there was a lot of discussion on the possibility of having unfair competitive advantages that resulted from pooling players across platforms and input devices. The team assured players that the new matchmaking system considers a number of factors.

Ultimately the goal was to have a matchmaking system that would give players more fair matches. This would already include special considerations for each platform. What this means that if similar skill exists, players are paired against opponents on all platforms. It doesn't matter if they're using a controller, touch input, or even a mouse and keyboard. Fortnite continues to monitor match analytics and take into account players feedback in order to make needed adjustments and guarantee that each match is as fair as possible.

In addition to the new matchmaking system, the team is also looking into smurfing, a bannable offense. Fortnite has seen negative behavior due to smurfing along with other issues related to gameplay integrity. Once consistent reports are observed and it is proven that the issue negatively impacts the game and player experience, Fortnite says it is going to take the necessary action.

Update on Bots

Fortnite also announced that it was adding Bots that would behave in a similar manner to players and allow players to improve their skill. Fortnite provided these updates in relation to Bots:

  • If a player is defeated by a Bot, they are going to view another remaining player.
    • If you are the last remaining player then the match ends.
  • There is no plan yet for players to party up with Bots.
  • Bots are still unable to use vehicles.
    • Fortnite will continue to see how far they can push with Bots.
  • Bots are not going to be in Creative mode.
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