Fortnite's Out Of Time Overtime Mission Begins Tomorrow

Season X extended and patch 10.40.1 released.
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New mission arriving tomorrow.
New mission arriving tomorrow. Epic Games

The Overtime Mission for Fortnite's Season X is all set to begin tomorrow. This mission begins October 8 and ends October 13. Completing the mission lets players earn end-of-season rewards which includes XP, cosmetics, and even a Loading Screen that serves as a Season X memento.

That's not all as Fortnite extended Season X for another week. This means players get until October 13 to complete their Battle Pass. This also means that the Gotham City and Batman Caped Crusader Pack is going to be available as well until Season X ends.

The extensions were announced along with the release of patch 10.40.1.

The 10.40.1 patch also includes a major change for Zone Wars. In particular the Dessert, Vortex, Colosseum, and Downhill River LTMs have been combined into two LTM playlists. Players can queue on either playlist in order to play one of the four Zone maps at random:

  • Zone Wars: Party
    • Queue with a party larger than one into a free-for-all experience.
  • Zone Wars: Solo
    • Queue by yourself into a free-for-all experience.

Save the World

For this week in Fortnite: Save the World, players need to help Beat Bot as he hits the road through Strangeland on the way to the Radio Station. Complete the Escort Beat Bot quest and earn the Hit the Road Loading Screen. Additional changes in this mode that came with the patch include:

  • Sonic Pound Hammer
    • A sonic hammer with decent attack speed and excellent impact.
    • Heavy Attack: Bass Drop
      • Smash the ground and create a series of sonic pulses that damage and knock back enemies.
    • Available in the Weekly Store beginning October 2 until October 9.
  • Six Feet Under Shovel
    • A creepy, round-point shovel that looks like it’s been used to dig up terrible secrets.
    • Heavy Attack: Up and Over
      • A two-strike heavy attack that deals significant damage and knockback.
    • Available in the Weekly Store starting October 9 until October 16.


For Fortnite: Creative, players can now add a doomsday dilemma to their games with the Meteor Prop Gallery. These include:

  • New Prefab
    • Meteor - The Meteor Prefab consists of all the rocks and particles from the Meteor Galleries but grouped together in one giant package.
  • New Galleries
    • Meteor Prop Gallery
    • Meteor Core Gallery
    • Meteor Particle Gallery

You can view all changes in Patch 10.40.1 here.

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