Tetris Beat Now Available on Apple Arcade

Build to the beat.
Build to the beat. N3TWORK

A new Tetris game is now available and exclusive on Apple Arcade. Tetris Beat has the gameplay of the classic game but mixed with rhythm mechanics. For now, 18 songs are included and cover different genres like Pop, Hip Hop, and Dance. New songs will be added each month.

Tetris Beat lets you choose from three different modes. The first is Drop Mode where you need to rotate and drop the block but make sure to do it to the beat to build combos and score big. Tap Mode offers more casual gameplay. While the focus is on the rhythm, it still has some bit of Tetris strategy. Finally, there is the Marathon Mode which is the Tetris familiar to most players. It also gives you the choice to customize your own soundtrack.

Regardless of which of the three modes that you choose, it looks like you're sure to have fun.

In a press statement, Tetris Beat Executive Producer Lawrence Clark revealed that when it comes to the songs used in the game, they were able to partner with each artist individually and made sure that their different personality would show. He added that they are excited to offer the game to Apple Arcade players.

Tetris Beat is developed and published by N3TWORK. Talking about the game, Kathee Chimowitz of N3TWORK shared that when they chose the artists for the game, they wanted to ensure that the lineup would be as diverse as possible. She added that they not only wanted to showcase various musical genres but also those from under-represented ethnicities.

Tetris CEO Maya Rogers also shared her thoughts on Tetris Beat. She said that Tetris has always been an inclusive game and is loved by a lot of people. She went on to say that the seven Tetriminos actually represent all the colors of the rainbow and they are happy to learn that this was also put into consideration when coming up with the music.

Tetris is a tile-matching game first released in 1984. Since then, a lot of similar games have been released. These include the official sequels, officially licensed versions, and even cloned versions.

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