Terraria: State of the Game June 2022

What's been happening so far?
What's been happening so far? Re-Logic

It's that time of the month when we take a look at what's been happening in Terraria. We'll take a glimpse into the Labor of Love update along with news related to the Steam Workshop. We also take a peek at the other things being worked on.

For the Labor of Love update, the team at Re-Logic revealed that they conducted playthroughs and found some of them to be more fun. While they've been sharing their work on the update, they also held close to the vest "some rather substantial changes and additions." Hopefully, that's going to be exciting for everyone once announced.

For the Steam Workshop, there have been another 1,000 additions, leading to more than 57,000 packs and worlds.

Other Platforms

When it comes to the Labor of Love update, it has mainly been about the PC version. But some good news was revealed by the team, which has started the development of the Labor of Love for both console and mobile.

tModeLoader 1.4

A large part of the June report is focused on tModLoader for Terraria, launched last June 2. This was the result not just through the work done by the TML Team but also from other contributors. Players now have access to Terraria 1.4+ and this means that the tModLoader is now online at the Steam Workshop.

In June, one of the biggest priorities was to respond faster to release issues while also fixing several bugs that users reported. For July, the plan is to have a stable release that hopefully fixes a large portion. The team admitted that more needs to be done and they are working actively on them.

A New Milestone

The Terraria community has managed to reach a new milestone: 1 million subscribers on Reddit. In celebration, some channels have been created to allow the community to share their favorite r/terraria memories over the years.

What about you? What are you looking forward to in the future for Terraria? Read more about the State of the Game for June 2022 here. Terraria is available on PC.

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