Terraformers: Bacteria and Plant Spreaders Nerfed in Latest Update

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Terraformers is a colony builder and resource management sim where you go to Mars and terraform the planet, making it a suitable place to live in. That said, a recent update nerfed some strategies to make them on par with the others.

The developers increased the cost of Bacteria Spreaders and Plant Spreaders to 25 and 30 Science, respectively. Both of these have become so effective that other strategies, like going for resources and technologies, have become obsolete.

In terms of expansion, the Urban Planning technology has also been the go-to option for most people because it is just too good compared to its counterparts. For this reason, the amount of expansions received from this particular technology has been reduced from two to one. However, this update includes a helpful change for Urban Planning as well. Now, this technology only costs 15 Science instead of 25.


Balancing Changes

  • Buildings
    • Increased cost of Spaceport from 10 power and 15 tritium to 11 power and 15 tritium.
    • Reduced cost of Domed Park from 10 nitrates and 20 silicates to 8 nitrates and 20 silicates.
    • Increased support income from Self-driving taxis from 15 to 16.
    • Reduced cost of School from 4 science and 10 silicates to 3 science and 10 silicates.
    • Reduced cost of Scuba Diving School from 8 science and 8 power to 7 science and 7 power.
    • Increased base support produced by Beach resort from 10 to 15. Increased costs from 20 food, 10 nitrates and 10 silicates to 20 food, 15 nitrates and 15 silicates.
    • Changed shipwright output from 3 support income to 1 comfort of living.
    • Reduced proposal frequency of Luxury Workshop, Local Culture Center, Beach Club and Space Hotels in the mid-late game. Increased the proposal frequency of other support buildings, most notably the Entertainment Center.


  • Reduced spread duration of Cyanophyta, Methanogenium, Deinococcus, Artificial Bacteria and Dark bacteria by 1 turn.
  • Increased local support of Tundra Forest from 4 to 5.
  • Increased local support of Alpine Pine Forest from 4 to 5.
  • Reduced prestige of Penguins from 12 to 10.
  • Reduced prestige of Atlantic Herring from 12 to 11.
  • Reduced prestige of Deer from 12 to 10.


  • Lowered expansions gained from Urban Planning from 2 to 1. Lowered its science cost from 25 to 15.
  • Reduced cost of Automated Scientific Archive from 15 to 10 science.
  • Reduced cost of Megastructures Design from 20 to 15 science.


  • Reduced Misha's specialization bacteria spreader discount from 40 to 33%.
  • Reduced Aishe's specialization bacteria spreader discount from 50 to 40%.
  • Reduced Flora's specialization plant spreader discount from 60 to 50%.
  • Reduced support required for Léna's specialization from 800 to 700.
  • Jan van Dijk's Power Breathing Center now also provides 2 support to adjacent populations.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Terraformers is available on PC.

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