Terraformers: Ocean Locations Added in Latest Major Update

Ocean Update
Ocean Update Twitter/@terraf_game

The expansive colony builder sim Terraformers got a huge update not long ago. The Ocean Update features new coastal locations where players can build new structures that only operate on the ocean.

Players will also find various aquatic life forms, such as Plankton which provides a point increase to oxygen and atmosphere if the temperature in its climate zone is just right.

Expectations in Terraformers are certain conditions that have to be met in order to win. That said, players can continue on even after winning the game by choosing one of the two new options: Survival Mode or Leisure Mode. The former is a mode where expectations keep on coming, and the latter is where expectations do not rise anymore, allowing players to just enjoy the game without the added challenge.


  • A new scenario has been added: “expansionist,” where the goal is to own a certain amount of locations, and found cities in a certain amount of different climate zones.
  • A new difficulty level has been added. Difficulty of other scenarios has been lowered a little.
  • The overview popup now has a City and Climate Zone tab which shows summarized information about each, such as all buildings, the names, the resources produced, the lifeforms, the terraforming parameters… All elements have detailed tooltips and cities can be clicked to zoom to them directly on the planet. Buildings and cities will also have icons to show which ones are damaged or at risk of flooding.
  • Two “terraforming” landmarks have been added. Volcanoes which can be restarted as well as polar CO2 ice caps which can be melted (they will also melt by themselves if the climate zone is warm enough).
  • It is now possible to swap locations between cities. Any further locations disconnected from its city will not be controlled anymore, the buildings will not be destroyed but not function and they can be reacquired normally. You will not lose expansion points. Switching city ownership has a timer of 1 turn (like the relocation timer).
  • You can now move/delete/replace expansion hubs and similar buildings due to the new changes to city expansion tracking.
  • Most of the new content needs to be unlocked first by playing.
  • Some of the content will auto-unlock and a popup will appear when starting the update for the first time.
  • The lifeform button has been revamped and is now split by lifeform type (bacteria, plant, animal). This gives more space for everything and avoids overlaps.
  • Protection from sandstorms by lava tubes, rain, and plants is now better communicated in the game.
  • Cities have a new widget in line with the rest of the design. The size of the city will be visually displayed on the planet.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

Terraformers Ocean Update is available on PC.

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