Temtem: Showdown Mode Now Features New Recommendation System

Patch 1.4 Crema Games

Do you like playing Temtem? Are you having trouble finding the perfect Temtem to use in your Showdown team? Well, in the most recent update, the developers added a new recommendation system that tells you which Temtems with the greatest chance of success.

New Feature

The new recommendation system introduced in Patch 1.4 for Showdown Mode will tell you which Tems have the most overall success. Once you've chosen a Temtem from the bunch, the game will then show you the possible partners having a great affinity with your in-progress team.

On the recommendation system's UI, you will find two prominent tabs: Competitive and For Fun. The former shows you the most played Temtems, as well as those having the most affinity with each other. The latter, on the other hand, is more focused on fun and innovative playstyles. Basically, the "For Fun" tab shows you the Temtems that are not necessarily popular in the meta, but are still viable when given the proper team-ups.

Now, when you've selected a Temtem as part of your Showdown team, you have three different choices: Customize, Build 1, and Build 2. As the name implies, "Customize" lets you edit the Temtem's various stats, including Trained Values (TV), Single Values (SV), Techs, and Traits.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of tinkering these stats, you can opt for Build 1 and Build 2 instead. These builds are pre-made with Temtems that are carefully selected by the game's balance team. What's more, these builds try to cover at least one of your chosen Temtem's most frequent archetypes

Beat Showdown with Lumas

Another major change in Patch 1.4 is that you can now choose a Luma in Showdown Mode, though there are some requirements that you need to be aware of. First, the Luma should have an Original Tamer (OT) or Soulbound Luma belonging to that evolutionary line with perfected Single Values (SV) of either 50 or one.

Second, the Luma should have all TVs assigned, including HP, STA, SPD, ATK, DEF, SPATK, and SPDEF. And lastly, it should have all of its Egg Techniques already learned.

Lumas, in case you're unaware, are special and rare Temtems with at least three perfect SVs. The ability to use Lumas in Showdown Mode is applied retroactively, so if you already have a Perfected Luma, you can now use that in the said game mode!

So, what can you say about the new Showdown Mode recommendation system in Temtem Patch 1.4?

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