Temtem: Patch 1.0.1 Improves Tamer Pass Experience

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A new update is now available for the creature-collector game, Temtem. Patch 1.0.1 implements some noteworthy improvements to the Tamer Pass.

The Tamer Pass is Temtem’s version of a battle pass. It comes with a free and premium track that gives you pretty cool stuff, including emotes, currencies, and XP boosts, among others.

That said, Patch 1.0.1 brought a few improvements to the Tamer Pass. One, battles against NPC tamers now give Tamer Pass XP. This change is meant to reward those who prefer finishing the campaign first before doing weekly challenges and endgame activities.

Two, the above change gives you roughly 15 Tamer Pass levels, assuming that you complete the campaign and all of the sidequests.

And three, every activity in the game that grants Tamer Pass XP now gives 70% more experience, which includes weekly challenges. The goal here is to ensure that completing the Tamer Pass feels rewarding and is something achievable for most people.

Patch Notes

  • Telomere Trait Swaps can now be sold for Feathers: Telomere Hack – Trait Swap for 30 Feathers, and Telomere Hotfix – Trait Swap for 100 Feathers.
  • Evershifting Tower now gives 50% more Feathers.
    • After reviewing our analytics, the Feathers one could obtain by playing the Evershifting Tower were low compared to the amount of time invested. Although we believe the Evershifting Tower has a very steep learning curve, and that better and better runs will be achieved in the future, Feather reward was still far from where we wanted it to be, so we’ve boosted it.
    • The GritArena will receive a similar increase in Feathers in the next patch.
  • TemSafari now gives fewer Feathers. Since this is a formula and not a fixed number, we can’t give you an exact percentage.
    • Opposingly to the Evershifting Tower, analytics showed that the Feather gain was high for the time investment, and it was over the rest of the activities and far from where we wanted it to be.
All platforms
  • Fixed a hardlock when interacting with an invisible NPC at the Evershifting Tower.
  • Fixed not being able to progress on the quest Rebuilding Bridges. Please note: if you have already started the Naolin quest for Tamer’s Paradise you won’t be able to complete Rebuilding Bridges. This will be fixed in the next patch.
  • Fixed getting softlocked in the Archtamers’ cinematic while being in a Co-op Party where one of the players had completed the Archtamers Challenge and the other one hadn’t.
  • Fixed getting stuck after fighting two NPCs at the Xolot Reservoir.
  • Fixed Tamer’s Paradise Tokens quantity not updating client-wise after doing an activity.

The full changelog can be found on Temtem’s official site.

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