Temtem: Luma Encounter Rate Increased in Update 1.0

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The chance of encountering Luma Temtems in the creature-collector game Temtem has increased in Update 1.0.

Lumas or Luma Temtems are creatures with different coloration and particle effects to make them easily distinguishable from normal ones. They are so incredibly rare that the chances of encountering them in the wild used to be one in 10,000. The developers feel that this is too much, which is why they’ve increased the odds to one in 7,500 in Update 1.0.

Luma Temtems are special because they always come with at least three perfect SVs. For those who don’t know, Single Values or SVs in Temtem are basically the numbers on stats that range from zero to 50. There are seven different stats in the game, including HP, STA, SPD, ATK, DEF, SPATK, and SPDEF.

Back then, the Lumas’ other stats can range anywhere between 20 to 50. But in this patch, the lowest minimum value is now set at 25 for all stats, including SPD. These changes will make Lumas more appealing now than ever before.

Update 1.0 brings other exciting changes, some of which are found below:

  • Dojo Rematches no longer give Radars as a reward. Rewards can be obtained with Feathers at Tamer’s Paradise.
  • Dojo Rematches and Freetem! now also grant Feathers on top of the Pansun reward.
  • Ranked wins will now also grant Feathers on top of the Pansun reward.
  • Some dyes are not tradeable anymore, and tradeable dyes have a new icon.
  • Dyes acquired using Pansuns can now be sold in shops.
  • Learning Aid is now tradeable.
  • Max turns during Competitive battles have been reduced to 25
  • Time for the Battlebox selection phase in Competitive battles has been reduced to 30
  • Turn time in Competitive battles has been reduced to 30
  • Reserve time in Competitive battles has been reduced to 90
  • Benefactor
    • Healing reduced to 8%
  • Heater
    • The Burn status condition is now applied on the ally Tem as well
  • Brawny
    • Damage increase has been reduced to 15%
  • Marbles
    • HP reduction has been reduced to 5%
    • STA reduction has been reduced to 10%
  • Nutrition Bar
    • It will now only trigger with offensive Techniques
  • Refreshing Diabolo
    • HP and STA restoration have been reduced to 25%
  • Fixed a softlock after starting a Ranked match from the Tempedia’s Photo Mode UI.
  • [PC] Fixed players being able to change SVs, TVs and Techs of the Temtem included in a locked Battlebox during a Tournament/Dojo War.
  • [PS5] Fixed fps dropping to 30 every time a Player opened a Menu in PS5.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Temtem Update 1.0 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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