Tears Of Avia Announced For The Xbox One And PC

A Western-developed JRPG.
The Western-made JRPG Tears of Avia will see a Q4 2019 release for the Xbox One and PC.
The Western-made JRPG Tears of Avia will see a Q4 2019 release for the Xbox One and PC. CooCooSqueaky

The Japanese RPG-inspired Tears of Avia will be coming soon to Xbox One and PC via Steam, as announced by England-based developer CooCooSqueaky. Now that is a combo I can get behind, as it’s always interesting to see a Western take on the widely celebrated genre.

Tears of Avia is a turn-based strategy role-playing game taking after classic Japanese role-playing games, both in its aesthetics and gameplay mechanics. Tears of Avia is set in the beautiful world of Estera. Once a proud and thriving world, Estera is now torn apart by war between the two large city-states within it. First is Tirig, which boasts the largest military in the land and a city-state that praises the Gods. On the other side is Helmgar, located in the North and populated by Godless heretics. It is here that you must build your party and start your journey to discover the secrets behind ancient long abandoned cities. Ultimately, you must decide where your own morality will take you in this turn-based action strategy game.

In creating your party, you will choose from a cast of unique and exciting characters, each with their own abilities, personalities, and view on each other. This volatile dynamic may either lead your team to success or rip your party apart as you journey through Estera. With this in mind, you can also factor five different classes in the way you create your party, wherein you can create hundreds of combinations of unique skills to ensure victory while also providing you multiple ways to approach the game. This ensures that each play through will always be unique compared to your previous one.

With a multitude of characters class combinations, you and your party can create combos and synergize abilities to defeat your foes. Burn, freeze, stun, cripple, and more to obtain your goals and defensive tactics such as retaliation, redirects, and immunities to ensure your squad stays in good shape. Lastly, your decisions will lead to different outcomes for Estera. These choices may be affected by your relationships with members of your party.

Tears of Avia is expected to release for the Xbox One and PC via Steam in Q4 2019.

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